Friday, January 21, 2022

Cardiologist Report.


Monday I when to see my Cardiologist to see what all my blood work and the rest of the things I had showed up anything.  The doctor said that it looked like there is a restriction in the blood flow and that he would have to do a catheterization procedure to see what its all about.
Now I'll have to wait until I get a call on when to go into the hospital to have it done.

I'm in hopes that will up me not to get so tired after I do a little work time.  Its no fun taking two days of work to do one day of work.

Anyway everything on the college basketball front is looking good.  Still a lot of upsets going on. 


This caught my eye at the Walmart store the other day.
I guess it depends on what side you get the green pepper is what you have to pay.

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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Nasty Weather

 Woah Nellie, I was up at 4:50 am this morning due to rain and wind, lots of that stuff and I did not go back to sleep.  That lasted until a little after 9:00 am.

So after breakfast we turn on the tv and the weather guy was reporting about the tornado action in southern Florida.  The thing was that water spouts were forming out in the gulf and forming the tornadoes
when hitting land.  
Tornadoes were doing a lot of damage and one destroyed a trailer park close to Fort Myers area.

Right now we have a temperature of 67* and sunny with low winds.

Wherever you are located please stay safe.

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Friday, January 14, 2022

Getting along

 About the same old grind here but that's the way life is when you get to a certain age.  Not complaining just saying you know what I mean.

Well my time of the year has got off to a good start with the basketball season in full swing and I have to say some of the games have been very exciting.  
Staying at the number one this season of the college basketball rankings is difficult.  Teams that are not ranks are knocking off some of the top ranked teams.


I did finally find time to put a few ribeye steaks on to grill the other day and they turned out pretty good. 

Our weather has turned a bit cool for the nights with the temperature getting in the middle 50's but the day time going up in the 70's so no complaint on the point.

Also I'm slowly--very slowly-- taking care of a few problems with the motor home.

With getting older things seem to take a little longer getting finished, of course going to be 84 in a couple of months may be the reason.   Why doesn't 84 seems as old as when you were in your 30's?

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Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Getting around

 I guess a lot of people made their New Years resolutions that they will not keep for long. 
I would say there are a lot that will try to go on that diet one more time promising that this time they will stick to it, then failing to do so again.
Nancy and I never have as far as I know made any promises to ourselves as I know of?    We just do as we do.

 We started the New Year right where we left off on the old year with Nancy getting blood drawn for the Nephrologist to keep a check on her.
As for me I have an appointment tomorrow to have an carotid ultrasound for the Cardiologist to see how that part of me is doing.

Yesterday I got into my pattern for the new year by going to a few places.
First up was to Publix to get a few Hungarian Peppers with Publix being the only place to sale them.

The next stop was to pick up Nancy's medication from Walgreens which the Nephrologist called in.

Next was number 3 to "HSN" which i the Home Shopping Network discount store where they have large discounts of leftover and return items.  Like the small two quart air-fryer I bought for Nancy that sold online for $49.95, my price was $13.49. Did not find anything this time

Next stop number 4 Dollar Tree That is going to have to change the store to $1.25 Store, where I picked up as few items. 

Number 5 was Walmart for a few groceries.

The last one was The Salvation Army Store to mostly just to look around without buying anything.

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