Thursday, August 16, 2018

Harpers Ferry, West Virginia

Yesterday after leaving the Flying J in Virginia where we spent the night we got on I-81 heading North 

It was a short time and we were in West Virginia on our way to Harpers Ferry.

But first we went through the old town of Charlestown.  We always like to travel through these old places.
With the old houses.

And the old buildings.

I really like the old court houses better than the new ones.

We did get to Harpers Ferry.  There are more building than I had imagined.

Most of the places were open and you could go inside like this Boarding House that was three floors high.

First you would check in at the desk and it looks as though you had to leave you weapons at the desk.

One of the rooms with a view of the front street.

I like the old General Stores where they sold just about everything you needed.  I remember the old saying if they didn't have it you didn't need it.

It was a hot day and Nancy is still not feeling good.  Her legs are week and still swelling.  In fact I got a well chair for her and was pushing her around so she could see some of the places.

So the place that we stayed the night looked really nice pulling in and finding our spot.
No this was not one of the campgrounds around here that is charging $69.00 a night to camp.
We stayed the night in the parking lot of the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races, for free.
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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Off the mountain tops

Its true we are off the Shenandoah National Park mountains.
After leaving Loft Mountain Campground and stopping at numerous overlooks we stayed two night at the largest campground in the park that being Big Meadows Campground and yes we saw another bear and some deer.
We didn't like this campground as much as Loft Mountain and only stayed two days here.

So back on Skyline Drive and more overlooks.

And through the only tunnel on Skyline Drive it was the last campground in the park.
We saw our first bear here before we had time to register in to find our site.

After paying and entering we saw this bear gage.  There is a picture of a bear and it says "For our uninvited guest."  We saw a lot of large bears and several little cubs that act like they own the place.  I guess they do because we are the intruders in this case.

I was tired this day and laying down on the picnic table with a nice cool mountain breeze felt mighty good.

We had a very good site here.

I saw this red sign the day before we left the park.  I didn't show it to Nancy until we were out of the park.

This is some of the last mountain top overlooks of the beautiful valley below.

Road way today leaving was lined with yellow flowers.

Oh Shenandoah Valley and Mountains you sure have  a part in my heart and I shall never forget thee.

We are now parked at a Flying J for the night and will be going to Harpers Ferry, West Virginia tomorrow.

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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Well folks been a while

We are still in the hills so lets catch up some while I have an internet connection.

After spending a few days at the Guyandotte COE campground we were off on the road again.
One night it was at a Walmart so nothing special since all of them are more or less the same.
The town was Marion, Virginia where the price of gas was $2.48 a gallon which was a surprise because in West Virginia it was $2.89 a gallon.

Our next stop was Cave Mountain Lake Campground in the Jefferson National Forest.

I had a nice site or I thought until we were ready to leave then I noticed I was under a walnut tree!  You guessed it my white roof in now spotted with walnut stain.  And of course no electric hook up but that's ok, with the solar and the generators we had plenty of power.  Only thing is this campground allowed only 2 hour generator running a day.

Here is the small lake that gave the campground its name.  A real nice beach a swimming area.

Name even felt good that day to do a little walking and she enjoyed the area.

A really spacious picnic area under the shade trees.  Only this day it was a misty rainy day.

When the rain started coming down harder we headed for cover in the pavilion.  Man was this nice with picnic tables and would you believe it a stone fire place.

A couple of hiking trails for those that are able to do the walking.

Nice small stream that comes down out of the mountains and over the rocks that we could hear when we went to bed and had the window open over our heads.

After intering the Shenandoah National Park and on the Skyline Drive we drove by and also stopped at more overlooks than we could count.
We came to our destination of Loft Mountain Campground.

We got checked in at the Ranger Booth.

Had a very nice site for a couple of days.

They really do have bears here.  On the first evening we were here a bear came walking across the road in front of our motor home.  That was something to see, only Nancy wanted me to hurry and close the door which was open.
We pulled over at this overlook on the way to our next campground.  So what do you know there is a good signal on the ATT Hotspot to catch up on my blog.

It is hard to write here as I fined myself gazing out the front window looking at the beautiful mountain tops.  So with that I finish up until the next time.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2018

We,ve been in the hills

We left visiting Jarod and family.

Parking like this in his drive way.

To parking like this at the floodwall in Matewan, West Virginia.   We had no cell phone service and no internet so that is part of the reason nothing in the blog for a few days while we were visiting our son Joe and his wife.

Then it was to R. D. Bailey Campground park beside the Guyandotte River. This is an COE Campground with electric hookup with water spigots around the campgrounds also a dump station.
Of course it is down in the mountains so no phone and no internet again.

This is looking down at the river through the trees.

We fell asleep with the window open over our heads as we listened to the river running over the rocks.

We saw deer each time we were out.

The wild flowers beside the road look nice.   We did enjoy our two days there, but Nancy missed her way of keeping up with the children.
Tonight we will spend the night at a Walmart.

So now the short range of plans at go through the  Shenandoah Valley and then maybe Harpers Ferry.

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