Monday, October 31, 2016

Moving time again

Yesterday we had dinner with Jeremy and his girl friend.
We went to Chedder's I Had a 6oz sirloin with fries and slaw.
Nancy had the Chicken Alfredo and we enjoyed both of them.
Here is the only place that Justin could find for me at Cain's Creekside Campground.  It was ok since we had electric and water for the two days we were here.  This is a Passport America park and Justin gave me even a lower rate since it was not full hook up.
Our short time here is up so today we will be going into Florida with a few stops along the way to fill the propane tanks and fuel for the motorhome.

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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Moved again.

We got the electric cord rolled up and put away then brought the slides in raised the levelers pulled the motorhome out of Nicks yard into the street where Nick and I connected the car.
Nancy and I then said our goodbyes and we were on our way.  It was just a few miles to fill the tank of the motorhome at the Kroger fuel station.
We went from nice fields like this.
To this what looked like snow but it is a large cotton field.
We stopped at the Carroll's Sausage and Meats Inc. so I could buy me a few packs of Country ham.  I bought some of the ham coming up and it was the best tasting country ham I have eaten.  This place has fresh meats and they will cut any size portion you want. So if you are traveling on I-75 in Georgia you should stop at exit 82  and check them out.
After doing our shopping inside we had a light lunch in the motorhome before getting back on the road.
I had to get a photo of this giant peanut because when we used to come on vacations to Florida with our three children they always looked for the large peanut.
We arrived at Cain's Campground to find out that the campground was full but Justin the owner did let us park beside the road and put out a electric drop cord and hooked up the water hose for us.
We have stopped here at Cain's for a few years coming and going to Florida so he showed us he appreciates our business.
We will be here a few Days visiting with our grandson Jeremy.

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Making things new.

Yesterday was much a busy day for Nick and I.
It did take us more time than we thought it would but for two old timers did get the new patio awning installed and if I have to say so it looks good.  I bought the heavier 15oz awning instead of the 13oz so this should last longer.
Today was not as busy.
All I had on schedule was to install the new radiator reservoir coolant bottle for the one that was leaking.
Nancy and I have enjoyed our short stay with Nick and Joan as we are always glad to see them.
Tomorrow we will be heading down to Hahira to visit a few days with our grandson and the great grand children.
Then it will be on to Florida for the winter season.

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Back home

When we got to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee we got a room for four for Nancy and I also Joe, our   daughter Sherry that also came to be with Joe our son.
I think it helped Joe a lot that we came to help him at this time.
Joe is going back home with Sherry for a week or so and I'm sure Sherry and Mark her husband will continue to ease the pain of Joe losing his wife.
Yesterday Nancy and I made the trip back home although we were worn out from the trip it was good to get back to sleep in our own bed.  It will take Nancy some extra time to get over the trip of all those miles in the car.
Nick and I are going to install the new patio awning that I had ordered and delivered here to his house.  So wish us two old men luck on doing this project for the day.

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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Sad News

Friday we went to Milledgeville to do the laundry.
Then it was to Judy's Country Kitchen for the senior buffet and it was good as usual.
From there it was to Autozone for some new brake pads.  I notice coming into town that when I applied the brake I hear them making the noise that tells you that you need to change the pads.
After getting back home and carrying the clothes inside I told Nancy I was going to change the brake pads.
Saturday our san Joe called us to tell us that his wife had died. Nancy and I known that she was sick and when we saw them a month or so the she didn't look well at all.  We told Joe that we were very sorry to hear the news about her and we would be up to see him. 
Today we traveled the 70 or so miles south to Warner Robins where my brother lives.
We are leaving the motorhome in his yard and going in the morning to be with Joe for a few days.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Busy Day

Yesterday morning when we got up it was 59* it was cool but at that temperature it made for good sleeping for the night with the window open over our head.
I got out of bed first as usual and had my second cup of coffee while checking my email and a few blogs.  By that time Nancy was ready to start her day by getting up.
We had our breakfast then begin to start our day.
It got hot quick for the day with the temperature getting up to 90* but I wanted to change the oil in the car which I did while taking a couple of rest periods drinking some water. 
Later we decided to got into Eatonton so we could get a few groceries but first we had better eat since neither of us had lunch.
I drove through town and we thought we would try Tastee Chick Restaurant.  Upon entering the restaurant it looked like the place had started as a drive in and through the years had become a walk in restaurant.  This is one you place your order at the counter then find where you wanted to set down and they bring the food to you.  Nancy and I both had the chicken tenders with fries, cole slaw and Texas toast which was good.
After that it was to Walmart to do our shopping that took a couple of hours. 
Getting home and putting the groceries away we then had some cookies and coffee sitting for a while to settled down we both took a nape.
Later on we turned the television on to watch the presidential debate.  With the end of that came the end of our day.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Yesterday started out the same as each morning with drinking our first cup of coffee in bed and loosely making the plans for the day.
Then I was out of the bed getting on the computer checking my email then on to the blogs to see what everyone was up to yesterday.
By the time I was through with doing my stuff Nancy was up getting our breakfast ready.
It was after all of that when things were different for me. I got on the roof of the motorhome a good scrubbing then getting back off to go around the motorhome with the water hose to rinse off the sides so the run off from the roof would not leave streaks.
After a late lunch and resting some what I was looking at the large front slide to make sure all was good.

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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Still here

We haven't been doing anything much, of course we went into Milledgeville to pick up our prescriptions and to eat at Judy's buffet again.  Then a couple of things from Walmart.
Yesterday after doing my daily chores I kind of settled in to watch a few college football games.
Later in the evening we heard a knock on the door I opened the door and there was a young lady that asked if we had anything to eat that her and her husband had not eat all day.
Talking to her they was living in an old camper on one of the sites here and they switch from this campground to a free campground that is close by.  They had run out of their food stamps and needed some food.  Nancy looked and gathered up some can items, bread, lunch meat and cheese for them.
When people asked for money I usually don't give them money but when they ask for food I can't turn them down.
Again we have to go to Walgreen to pick up another a prescription for me other than that we have no plans.
A few of the campers here at the five electric sites they have.
Yes its looking like fall is here with the thick layer of leaves on the campground.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

New curtains

Tuesday was a full day since we had to go to Milledgeville to the Laundromat to do the washing and drying of the clothes. 
It was around 4:00 or so by the time we were finished with the close so it was a stop at the Little Caesar's Pizza.  We were both hungry since we didn't have lunch so Nancy said to buy an order of Crazy Bread to eat on the way home.
So I did and we did eat the Crazy Bread which tasted extra good.
Yesterday I spread the cheap plastic table cloth out on the picnic table to begin the work on the front  window curtains of the motorhome.  The ones we have are several years old and are faded from the sun shining on them.
I could order these curtains but in order to save a little money and being a DIY guy I make my own.
The curtains I use are from Walmart they are the heavy room darkening and checking them out at night time you can't even see the light on in the night time from the outside.
I get the 63"L x 42"W and turn them side ways. It takes four of them at $9.98 each. 
I buy the grommet kits from Harbor Freight to install along the side which becomes the top of the curtain. 
This works for me and your taste may be different.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hurricane Matthew People

We made our move south a little more Monday.
It was to Lake Sinclair Campground we did get one of the five electric spots but not one of the good ones.  The one site that was open was a tent site on the other side of the road with just a little bit of room. I didn't even consider this site upon arrival, I drove on down to the two sections without electric to see if I could get one that would do for our motorhome.
After looking I then went back to the one electric site to check it closer. I told Nancy that it looked like it might be possible to get the motorhome in it with some extra maneuvering.
Then yesterday one of the other more suitable sites came open so we moved over and took it.
Yes that one was much better.
 We have been coming here for many years and parking our 34' motorhome and when you check the campround out on the government site information it says 22' limit.  But that's the way it reads and when I want to stay in a campground I go see for my self.  There are many camping spots that have the sites suitable for foldup campers or tent that will hold a larger camping unit.
This is the beach area of Sinclair Lake and on the opposite side of the road is the picnic area.
There are more people here than usual.  I have talked to a couple of them and they are from the Myrtle Beach area and came here when they had to evacuate from the when hurricane Matthew blew in.
We went to Milledgeville yesterday to get our prescriptions filled at the Walgreen Pharmacy.
From there it was to Advance Auto to get some rubber seal strips then it was one of our favorite places to eat that would be Judy's for their buffet. The restaurant doesn't have a large buffet but they do have five different meats, six or seven vegetables a salad bar with the main type of things, home made cakes and pies.  
Now the kicker is l@@k close now the senior price with tax is(drum roll please) $6.00 can you believe that.
After eating more than we should it was off to Walmart and Dollar Tree.
After getting back home putting the groceries in their place we settled down with a cup of coffee and a little computer time.  It was a busy day for us.

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Saturday, October 08, 2016

got windy

It started raining around 11:30 last night and lasted all night long about 5:00am the wind started blowing at 20 mph and was shaking the motorhome somewhat.

This is what it looked like yesterday evening.

The lake had a little chop on it but no white caps this morning.
It was clearing up this evening but the wind is still blowing.
We are parked close enough to the lake that we can feel the least bit of wind coming off the open waters.
We thought we would have to leave this site for the last two days of our stay here but things worked out that we didn't have move.

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Thursday, October 06, 2016

Hurricane Mathew

The big news is about hurricane Matthew but I don't think we will have a problem where we are located.  We are 15 miles north a Augusta, Georgia at the campground on the banks of J, Strom Thurmond Lake.
It is cloudy this morning with a little chop to the water on the lake.  I don't think it has anything to do with the hurricane though.
The forecast tomorrow and Saturday is rain and that will be due to the hurricane but it will be nice and sunny Sunday.  I just hope it doesn't rain very much because we will be changing to another site for the last couple of days we are here.
I did cut the new runner carpet, installed the grommets and put the newly made step rugs on yesterday so that's another thing that I can forget about for a couple of more years.
The step rugs help keep the sand and dirt out of the motorhome and we know that anything that helps with that is worth doing.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Got to get groceries

Yesterday after eating breakfast and then being on the computer to check email and the few blogs that I look at each day it was time to get ready for the day.
We need a few groceries so we thought it would be a good day to go into Evans to do that.
Of course the first thing was to get something to eat both of us didn't want a big meal so we went to Wendy's.  I ordered from the value menu Nancy had a crispy chicken sandwich with a side salad and I had the Jr. cheeseburger and fries, we both had the senior drink.  I thought the total came to a little more than it should and I was right. The senior drinks are usually free at Wendy's but not this one looking at the receipt the drinks were discounted five percent from @1.19 to $1.12.  Maybe its a new thing for Wendy's.
After our meal it was a stop at the Lowes to get a four foot piece of rug runner that I need to cover our entry steps on the motorhome. They have the rugs already made up at Walmart but I make my own.  I but the grommet's at Harbor Freight for the rugs and put them in the runner rugs cut to size.
From Lowes then it was a stop at Walmart for the rest of the things we needed.
After getting back home putting the items that we bought away it was time to relax a while with a piece of cake and a cup of coffee. Then we checked our emails and watched a little television to end our day.

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Monday, October 03, 2016

Still lake side

Saturday we did move to the other site here on the lake.
This is now the view looking out the windshield of the motorhome. It is a nice view and we find ourselves looking out every now and then while watching the television commercials.
This is the view we get when opening the door in the morning.
We have been sitting outside more since we have been here at the lake.
I took a couple of steaks out of the freezer yesterday and put them on the grill while Nancy prepared the sides.  I still have one more large steak in the freezer that is large enough for both of us. I usually don't by much steak but while we where in town the other day I bought some on sale at Kroger.
Nancy and I caught some kind of bug over the weekend Nancy has been worse with it then I have.
So I did a couple of loads of laundry here in the campgrounds washer and dryer they have at one of the shower houses.
We have no plans for the day it will just be catching up on some chores that always comes up when you are a fulltimer.

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