Saturday, January 30, 2016


Yesterday after Nancy, Sherry and I got ready we were out to first go to the Roadside Market to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. I notice that the head lettuce was .89 a head so we bought one because it has had a price of $1.99 for a long time.
From there it was to Save A Lot for two cases of drinking water, I notice that their lettuce was still $1.99 a head so I'm glad we bought one at the Roadside Market.
From there it was to visit with our friends Hazel and Lee which we haven't seen in a while due to our health issues.  We had a very nice visit and some catching up of what has been going on in our lives.
After leaving we stopped at a pizza place that had a fair amount of cars parked in the lot a sign of maybe a place where the food is good. Going in we noticed the crowd was seated at one long table. The waitress come over to us and said it would be a while for us to get waited on. I ask her hour long and she said about 45 minutes so we didn't want to wait that long. We ended up going to Chili's where we had the three for one price which as very good.
Then it was back home for the rest of the day.

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Friday, January 29, 2016

WiFi problem

After having a nice day Wednesday we had a change yesterday.
It started raining in the middle of the night and lasted all day yesterday. I didn't even get out to check our mail, but that was not a problem  we very often get any mail here.
 I spent some time trying to get to the problem of my computers internal wifi adapter.  The problem started Wednesday evening when I turned the computer on it didn't show the wifi adapter. I have an external adapter that plugs into the usb connection and was able to get on line and go to Google to see if I could fined a solution to the problem.
There were several things like uninstalling the internal adapter then installing a new software adapter. That didn't work so it was more things to do such as restoring the computer to an earlier date which I did and the problem still existed. So the next suggestion was to dig deep into the programs and delete some things. That fix seemed to cure it up and I was able to use the internal wifi adapter.
 But wait there's more to this story.
I got up yesterday morning turned the computer on clicked to get on line and the wifi adapter was gone again so I did a restore again and this time it cured the problem.
This morning I was kind leery on starting up the computer but what do you know everything was good to go.
So don't forget Google is your friend.
Today has started out as a nice sunny day and the temps are going to be in the high 60's
So don't forget Google is your friend.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016


It was a nice day yesterday with the sun out and the temp in the low 70's we wanted to get out.
we had heard that the Manatee were in at the Tampa Electric Viewing Center with reports of as many as three hundred spotted.
We didn't think they were that many, but it could have been at least half that many.
What made it fun to watch them was they were very active.

There were quite a few small Manatee that never left their mothers side. We watched the small ones and they were always touching they mother as she swam around.
We are glad that we went down to see the Manatee because Sherry was wanting to see them and this was a good chance to see this many in one group. Also Nancy and I like to see them.
Sherry and I had a good time and our cameras were clicking away.  Not only our cameras but of the many people that were there taking photos and videos.

We stopped and had dinner at Applebee's before coming home.  Even though we were tired by the time we got home we enjoyed our day.

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Monday, January 25, 2016

Cold in Florida also

Yeah I know, you are saying "he doesn't know what cold is."  After spending most of my life in West Virginia and a few years in Detroit, Michigan I know what cold is. After retiring and spending winters in Florida since 2000 my skin has gotten thin. It is cold for Florida and its not suppose to get this cold.
The weekend temps were 27*-29* and that's cold.  The day time temperatures were in the 50's.
It was a good time to stay inside and watch college basketball on Saturday and the NFL football yesterday. Well it was better if your teams won.
I did get out for a short while Saturday to go to the roadside market then to Walgreens to pick up some medicine that I had refilled online.
Today I will just piddle around inside the motorhome and watch so I will not over do it.  Man I hope soon I can go ahead and do what I want to do. It is very tough for me to hold back and not do the things I want to do but the Cardiologist says it takes time.

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Friday, January 22, 2016

Park walking

Yesterday was such a nice day that Sherry(daughter)wanted to go with me back to the mall to see the Cricket Phone guy with some questions about the billing.
After getting the billing questions straightened out, we called Nancy and told her we were going out to a few parks to walk and take photos. Sherry and I both like to take photos so this was a good time for her. The photo above was taken at the first park that is along the bay of the gulf.
Here is looking south of the park.

Another shot at looking west.
Looking out over the bay water, it looks blue but looking straight down at the water it is clear. I guess you could say the clear water has a mirror effect showing the blue sky.
Next up was the Port Richey Waterfront Park.
A nice palm tree lined walk out to the bay water.
Looking across the water to the first park where we were.
A good parking spot under a bent tree.
When Sherry and I got back to the motorhome Nancy had the beef pot roast ready to eat and it was delicious.
Needless to say this was a good day and a good walking day for me.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

New phone and plan

Yesterday was a big day.
I changed my phone, I was with Straight Talk and was very satisfied with them the 4-5 years we had them.  But the reason I went with Cricket was I could save some money and have more things on the new phone. With Straight Talk I had the phone plan at $45.00 plus tax and also I had the hotspot for traveling on the road at $40.00-4GB for up to 60 days. But we where using that up plus more every month. The Cricket no contract  plan  will cost $65.00 a month including using the phone as a hotspot with 10GB a month. So the saving will be $35.00 and maybe a little more a month.  Of course the phone companies are changing plans fast so keep looking at them and pick one that suits you.

This morning I had to run to Save A Lot to get some things for Nancy to put in the pot roast she is fixing today.

Here is what I saw in the parking lot at the Save A Lot parking area.  No matter what size or shape your RV is you can enjoy it as much as the next guy or maybe even more. I know when Nancy and I had our 19' class c we really had a good time in the trips we took in it.
Today after a few things I have to do I will no doubt be playing with the new smart phone to see all the features it has.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Shopping day

Yesterday after breakfast time we were all catching up on our computer time then it was time for us to get ready to go grocery shopping.  Nancy said she needed to go and when she goes for some reason it takes a little longer for everyone to get ready. Also when Nancy goes grocery shopping it cost more than when I go by myself.
After Nancy getting ready it was time for an early dinner so we stopped at the McDonalds for our meal. Nancy and Sherry had the bacon ranch salad and I got the 2 for $2.00 chicken special they have going on at this time. I just ate one of the chicken sandwiches and saved one to take back home.
From there I stopped at the Save A Lot store where Sherry and I went in and Nancy waited in the car because she said since we were going to Walmart also she didn't want to wear herself out.
The reason Sherry went in with me is that I'm not suppose to be lifting anything with much weight for eight weeks from the time I had the heart attack and a stent put in and seeing I was going to buy a couple of cases of drinking water Sherry would do the lifting. We also got some canned vegetables that are 20-25 cents cheaper than Walmart.
From there it was to Walmart where I went one way, Nancy and Sherry went the other way.  We met up a half an hour later I being through with what I needed to do and The girls look like they were just about half way.  When we were through we came home and Nancy still was so tired that she was dragging.  The rest of the evening I watched a college basketball game on the tv while Nancy and Sherry were doing some computer time.

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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Storm yesterday

Yesterday we woke up to an overcast day and by the weather report we knew we were in for some bad weather.  With reports of a heavy rain storm of maybe 5" of rain and possible sixty mile an hour winds with a chance of a tornado. Sure enough the heavy rain came with the wind not the sixty mile and hour wind but enough to shake the motorhome a few times. Nancy and I have been in the sixty mile and hour winds before and know we can withstand that much so it didn't worry me that much.
The storm lasted about four hours then the clouds moved out and left a beautiful blue sky. It was so nice out that I took a walk even though I had to cross a couple of water puddles along the way.
We are suppose to have the same type of weather later on tonight.
Here is a small pull behind that is in the park. The box on the front contains a 110 volt 5000 btu air conditioner. It looks as though they have two dryer vent tubes coming out and into the trailer a nice little set up.
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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Sherry and the gulf

Yesterday Nancy had an appointment with her hair dresser for a hair cut and this time she wanted her to color her hair.  Usually Nancy does this herself but it has getting harder for her to stand that and the pain she has to do it.
Sherry and I took Nancy to get her hair taken care of and we went to Walmart to return a pedometer for myself that didn't work right out of the package. The funny thing about it was when I was looking at the pedometers a man and his wife said "those won't work" they said they bought a blue one and a black one the black one didn't work. I thought well it will not make any difference of the color they are the same inside. Sure enough I got Nancy and Sherry the blue one and me the black one. One out of the three did not work guess which one did not come on, you guessed it the black one.  I'm hard headed so Nancy tells me and got another black one that is in working condition.
Sherry and I had a little time so I drove her out to see the gulf waters so she could take some photos.
A guy was out fishing on this cool day. I forgot to mention we are still having night time temperatures  middle 40's.
Here is Sherry taking in the scene of the gulf waters.
Here is a shot of three stilt houses and an island. These houses out in the gulf were built years ago, they don't let them built new one out in the gulf.
It was a cool and overcast day so the photos did not come out the best.  Sherry was very satisfied that she got to see the gulf.  She lives in West Virginia which has beautiful mountains but the gulf is a treat. 
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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Run around day

Monday evening Nancy and Sherry were out so I asked them to pick up a rack of BBQ ribs that were on sale for $9,99 at the Winn Dixie. A very good price in that they were already grilled.  The ribs with rice, Brussels sprouts and a baked potato made for a very good meal.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty good and wanted to get out of the house.
So I went to the open air roadside market and bought some grapes, tomatoes and peppers.
From there I went to the Jericho Road Thrift store to look around but I didn't buy anything.
The next stop was the Dollar Store where I bout a few things like gallon sealable plastic bags and shower spray.

Then a trip to Walmart(can you every get out without going to Walmart)that took forever with the bumper to bumper traffic on route 19.  That was of the north going traffic which I had to go thru to get to Walmart.
Needless to say after the running around I did I was ready to sit the rest of the day. I'm still fighting to get my strength back.

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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Long weekend

The weekend was full of watching basketball and football games with the last one being the Alabama-Clemson football game last night.
I like the college games more than the NBA-NFL but from time to time I will watch the professional games. It is better viewing for me than most of the programing they have on the tube nowadays, but like most old timers I like to watch the old western movies the best.
I care nothing for the virtual reality(rehearsed)shows. If I wanted that all I would have to do is look out the window when I'm in an rv park and I could see all the entertainment that is better than the ones on the tv.
Nancy got her new pain medication and she said it helps with the pain but it leaves her feeling like she wants to go back to sleep, like all meds it has side effects.
I'm still trying to recoup but don't like the time it will take to get back  to feeling before my heart attack.

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Thursday, January 07, 2016

Out and about

One thing that you can see just about each time we get out is a fender bender. This time it was more that a fender bender this car came across a wide medium and hit the other car head on.
Yesterday it was Nancy going to her back doctor and the only thing was they wanted to know how she was doing and how her meds were doing.  they did give her a prescription for a stronger pain medication.
After leaving the doctor we went to the Cracker Barrel Restaurant to eat. Of course we had to try out the rocking chair. This is the only rocking we do.
Today it will be me going to the cardiologist to get a follow up.
You can tell by the flag waving how windy its been the last few days.  I love what that flag means and each time I see it waving my heart just beats a little faster.
A bunch of birds always in the parking lots this one was on the hood of the car before taking flight.
It was a good day today even though I felt a little weak.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Busy day

The last few mornings we have been getting up with the temps in the 40's and day time in the 60's but it is going to be in the low 70's today.
Nancy saw her kidney doctor yesterday to see how she was doing and where the numbers were on her kidneys. We were glad when the doctor told her that her number had increased from 24 to 27. We know that once the kidneys start failing they will not get to the point where they are well again. So the best that we hope for is that she keeps holding her own with them.
By the time we got back home it was supper time and that was left overs from the pinto bean meal from Saturday and also from the Bob Evans carry out turkey meal that I got for Sunday.
Today will be just a "messing around day" at the motorhome, not much else I can do.

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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Weekend things

Yesterday was my typical Saturday in that I watched some college basketball games.
Nancy fixed pinto beans, coleslaw and cornbread I think we all had way to much but it tasted sooo good.
This week Nancy and I will be tied up with doctors appointments I think we have four or five appointments so by the time we get ready see the doctors and back home most of the day is gone.
the important one is to see what Nancy's report on her blood work that will tell how her kidney's are doing. 

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Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

I would like to wish all my readers a Happy New Year 2016 May you find happiness and health this year.
Nancy and I went out for our anniversary dinner along with Sherry. We had a very good dinner Sherry and I had a steak while Nancy had chicken. After getting back home Nancy and Sherry prepared a cabbage casserole in the crock pot and turned it on for a slow simmer in the meantime I watched the Cotton Bowl football game.
Earlier in the day we all were busy I getting my nitrol pill prescription filled and a few things at the store. Nancy and Sherry went to Walmart to get a few things for our dinner for today.
I think we all will rest up today.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.