Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Eating too much

Was a day out and about with Nick, he enjoys going out looking for discount that he can use his coupons with. I think that it maybe a sort of hobby with him also.  Anyway I always look forward to coming to visit with him and going to different places
Our first stop was to Advance Auto Parts where I bought enough Slide Pin Grease to do the front brakes on the motorhome.
Next was Harbor Freight where Nick was going to use a couple of coupons but when he saw the long lines at the check out he did as I would was to turn around and leave without buying anything.
Folks life is too short to spent time in a check out line.
I'm surprised with all the study's going on that they have none about the time you spend in line waiting to be checked out.
Then it was to Home Depot where Nick bought a strip for his bathroom that he needed.
Next up was Kroger, Nick bought a few groceries, I didn't buy anything.

Yesterday I spent a bit of time greasing the motorhome, changing the oil and greasing the brake slide pins. Man is it getting much harder for the old man to slide around under the motorhome  I'm thinking I may not be able to do this anymore than ten more years. 
After finishing up nick and I went to Advance Auto to take the oil that I had drained from the motorhome then it was a couple more places and we were finished for the day.
Joann and Nick had another great dinner of fried chicken, mac & cheese, baked beans, slaw and rolls.
And that is why Nancy and I seem to gain weight when we visit Joann and Nick--Hey I'm not complaining.

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Monday, May 29, 2017

enjoying our visit

When we got here it was so hot that I just parked the motor home and went inside for the short visit until it cooled off some.

Later after it had cooled down a bit Nick and I came out to set up the motor home extending the levelers to get it level, connecting the electric. The electric is connect to a 20 amp outlet with the adapters I have to be able to connect to the 50 amp cord.
A lot of people think you need a 50 amp outlet but this works very well and we can even use one airconditioner  of course I have to run the water heater on propane and not turn the micro or Nancy's hair dryer at the same time.

Nick and I went out to first Home Depot where we walked around and came out empty handed.
Then it was to Kroger to buy a few groceries and I also bought Nancy and me a tabletop propane grill that we needed.
The auto steps are working on the motor home and I put the cover back in place.

After we got home and put it all away I was outside looking over Nick's nice small garden he has.
Hot Peppers
Squash with pole beans in the background.
Green Onions
Looks like he will have a variety of vegetables to last all summer.
Yesterday we just sat around visiting, talking and eating no doubt gaining a little weight.
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Saturday, May 27, 2017

A Long Day

 I turned on the Fantastic fan last night with the window open over our heads the real cool air was little too much. It still felt good with just the window open and no fan.
Was I surprise when I looked at the outside temperature when I woke up yesterday morning it was 55* and that was a shock because we have been used to 72*-75* for the last week.  I know we are close to 150 north but we were not expecting this.
We had a good nights sleep and got up a little earlier to get started on the road.
We took the two lane road out to I-75 I would rather take the two lane roads but we wanted to make good time to get to my brother (Nick) and his wife (Joann) house .
 Fist stop was the Flying J to fuel up.  The price for regular gas was 2.09 but I have a Flying J Card so my price would be .03 cheaper. I got out of the motorhome to fill up putting my cards in the fuel pump so I would not have to go inside but the screen was so dark I couldn't read what it said so I go inside. there was one person behind the counter for the fuel and also for the hot fast food and seven people waiting in line.
I found the manager and told him I couldn't read the pump screen and what a long line of people waiting at the register to be taken care of.  Her replie was "we only have two people here to take care of everything".  My replie to her was that was not good management for a busy place like this and I wood go and fill up on down the road.
Getting back on I-75 we were soon leaving Florida and coming into Georgia.

The old Magnolia Plantation coming up soon.
If you haven't been the way in a few years the old place has been renewed completely.
Also we passed two of these Magnolia Plantations.
Carroll's Sausage & Country Store
Here is where I was wanting to stop to stock up on the good country ham.  I will eat what I bought by the time I pass here in the fall and have to stock up again for the winter.
If you are traveling I-75 stop in at exit 82 and have a look they also have a campground .

We finally arrived in Warner Robins so I wanted to fuel up before I got to Nick's house I went to the Kroger's for fuel and boy was the store parking lot crowded.
Now sometimes there's a reason for things to happen and waiting until I got to Kroger's to fill up looked like one in that with our Kroger Card it was $2.01 a gallon.

We had a nice short visit with Nick and Joann along with pizza.
But too soon Nancy and I were tired from the days journey so we came home and got ready for bed.

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Friday, May 26, 2017

The bad and good

yesterday was the day that we finally got under way with our summer trip.
But not for long as I stopped at the Rural King potato chips I opened the door to get out and the steps where sticking out that's isn't good to see.  After getting the potato chips I proceeded to check the steps out and after replacing a couple of wires they still didn't come back in after closing the door.
I checked to see if I had power going to the steps the next thing was to connect the 12 volt directly to the motor. Doing this I found out the motor was good so that's a good sign I put all of my tools up and told Nancy I would check it out more when we get to My brother's house as we will be staying there a few days.
So on with the trip with a nice road along ahead everything nice and smooth.
That was until we got to Homosassa Springs.
Then it was traffic as several towns decided to put in new water lines, so it was slow going at times.
Now this looks like a place to eat and I guess if you are a skinny boy they will still let you eat here.

This is why I like to be off the interstates and on the back roads so much more to see.

This is why I like the back roads such a better slow driving and taking it easy instead of the mad dash of the big highways.
We did make it to Ken's Bar-B-Que where we always stop to eat our evening meal.
On the way I was trying to decide what I would have and opening the door I saw this sign my decision was made.
Nancy's 8oz Ribeye steak with sweet potato fries slaw, garlic bread and coffee.
Here is mine with the fries and diet soda to drink.
After our meal we proceeded to Walmart to spend the night.

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Rough day

We woke up this morning and after listening to the weather report last night with the storm that was suppose to hit the area we decided to put off leaving for our summer travels.
The day started out with dark skies and very windy and the phone weather alert system sounding off with a tornado watch we thought we made the right choice.
Then around 4:30 the rain came down really hard and the winds were getting stronger it looked like we were in for it.
This lasted maybe an hour and the rain stopped. but the winds continued through out the night.
So we would just have to see what it would be like Thursday morning.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Wait and See

I did a few more things yesterday.
Yesterday I ate the last hot dog with a few chips and a can of Diet Vernor's Ginger ale to wash it down.
Nancy must have felt pretty good today because she wanted to do the washing of the laundry.
I still had a few things that needed taken care of I let the patio awning in put the  tie down straps and stakes in the bucket.  Put the new wiper blades on the car, checked all fluid levels in the car and the motorhome.
So now it is a wait and see as to when we will be leaving for our summer trip.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Two more days, maybe

The temperatures are still in the 90's so it makes it rough to do work outside. I did do a small amount of things out side one being that I took down the mast that was attached to the ladder on the back of the motorhome.  With the antenna that was on it I will just put it in the dumpster since the rotation motor no longer works and it wasn't that much better than the winegard antenna on top of the motorhome. I will save the two part mast that I made up it fits in an outside bay out of the way.
We are still slowly putting things up and away that we have laying around that will get in our way when we are on the road.
I cleaned some of the inside windows while I was resting then went outside to sit for a short time.
I always try to have my camera with me in case I see something I would want a picture of like this lizard. The lizards are getting more plentiful since it has been so hot.
We have our plans of leaving here Wednesday but those plans may have to change with the weather report of 60% chance of showers for that day.
We are paid up through the last of the month so we can go or stay if we need to.
But I will tell you right now that my itch for getting on the road has really been  aggravating me terribly.

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

More rain

Yesterday started out real good for me with Nancy fixing me my Saturday big breakfast.
This was a long time coming in that I was busy and didn't want her to have a big breakfast but as things are winding down for us to get on the road for the summer I wanted to have the "Saturday Big Breakfast".
This breakfast consisted of two eggs that will be mixed with the peppers and onions I have cut up. I diced up a potato for hash browns, a slice of country ham, biscuit and a good cup of coffee.

After breakfast and getting ready I was outside to straighten up the front right bay so I could have a place put the two five quart jugs of  oil that I bought for the motorhome and car. Then I had to make room in another bay for the few things I took out of the front by.
Its a never ending battle rearranging the outside bays.

Nancy reminded me that I forgot to buy some paper plates when I was at Walmart the other day so I told her I needed to go and get some windshield washer hose for the car. While I was outside earlier I remembered that the washer was not squirting water on the windshield so I looked at that to find the hose was worn into in a section of it. 
So off I went to Walmart first to get the paper plates that we use while on the road to save the water we have in the fresh water tank.
Then it was to O'Reilly Auto Parts for the windshield washer hose and a splice kit.
After getting home I repair the hose with the splice kit and new section of hose so that was another thing good for the day.
Nancy made some of her good homemade chili enough to put in the freezer so I could have hot dogs when I felt the urge.
We had hot dogs for supper with the fresh made chili and they were so good.
I'm sorry but I was in such a hurry to eat the hot dog I forgot to take a picture.
The evening was some computer time and then watching tv for Nancy in the bedroom and watching a basketball game for me on the tv up front.
We were enjoying our different programs when it started lightning and thundering then the hard rain came with the power going out several times.  The stormed past after about half an hour but continued to rain and the temperature dropped from 81* to 71* and this was at 10:00 pm.
But by the time we were ready for bed the rain stopped completely so we were able to sleep with the window open above our head.
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Saturday, May 20, 2017

Return to Walmart

I got out yesterday before the rain that we were suppose to get.
I went back to the Walmart to return some clothes that Nancy bought because they didn't fir just right.
I also bought oil for the motorhome and the car so I will have it when I get a chance to change the oil weather its before we leave or on the road somewhere.
I also bought new wiper blades for both of the vehicles, the Florida sun really does a number on the rubber of the wiper.  Even when I use to cover the wiper blades up the rubber would get somewhat hard.
I went to Rural King again to buy a pack of Exide AA batteries because this are good batteries and Rural King has a good price on them.

I sawed some small blocks of wood and screwed them down to hold the new house batteries that I have in the outside bay from maybe sliding around while we get on the road.

I was going to do some more work out side but the rain that was forecasted finally came so that ended the work outside. The rain was hard at times with a gust of wind with it.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017

A little work and a little shopping

Nancy wanted to go to Walmart to buy her a few things and some new clothes. 
As usual I knew I would have time to do something before she was ready to go so one of the things was the step stool I bought at Harbor Freight a few weeks ago with a $10.00 off coupon.
I've been thinking of how to shorten the legs on it but then decided to just leave the legs folded up and put some locks under it. 
I still had time so I wrapped up a couple more small things that have been hanging on.

By that time Nancy was ready so off we went up to the Walmart in Spring Hill.
I let Nancy out at Walmart and I went to Rural King to buy three cases of Niagara Brand  drinking water at the price of $1.99 and also potato chips.

Then I was back to Walmart to find Nancy and get a part for the sink in the bedroom.
Earlier in the day when Nancy was getting read y she noticed a small water leak in the "P" trap.
When I looked at it I discovered that the nut holding the trap had broken and let the trap fall down enough that it was leaking.

As soon as we got back home I put the new "P" trap on.
Nancy tried on her new jeans which were tight and she would have to take then back for exchange.
Didn't surprise me one bit!
                                           One of the nice palms in bloom in the park.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

New eyeglasses

After having breakfast of an egg, cheese and sausage on a biscuit for me and for Nancy egg, cheese and bacon on a biscuit both of us with a cup of coffee I got ready to start my day.

First was to go get me a haircut which is always over due for me.
After getting back from the haircut I loaded up another load of laundry that I took down to the park laundromat.
  When Nancy and I do the laundry together we do all of it in one trip.
Doing it myself I like to split it up that way seems to work better for me.  So when we do the laundry  on the road we will do it all at once because I will not be close enough to walk to the laundromat.
Although while in route a time or two we have parked the motorhome in front of a laundromat did the laundry and then continue on our way.

It was a short time that I was back from doing the laundry that I got a call from America's Best Eyeglasses called that my eyeglasses were in and I could pick them up anytime.
So off I went to pick them up and they seem to be ok. The one then though that I forgot to do was pick out the frames with the hinged frame that I always get.  I was so concerned about the nose piece I didn't even think about the hinges on the frame. When I got back in the car I thought these frames are nice and tight I pulled the glasses off and thought oh no, I didn't get the ones with the hinge.
The new one do turn nice and dark when I get out in the sun with the photo gray lens.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Still hot

Yesterday was another one of those "to hot to be outside" days with the temperature in the low 90's and tomorrows forecast is for a record 95*.
I did take a load of laundry down the park laundromat.  I thought it might be full since the last time I tried to do laundry on a Monday all the washers were taken, but this time no one was doing there laundry.
I also painted the inside of another bay door that was located under the patio awning that was in the shade so it was a little cooler there.
We had leftovers for our supper and I think there is more for the day. Nancy did eat the stove top dressing but had a sandwich instead of the chicken and noodles.
She doesn't know how I can keep eating leftovers until its all gone. I keep telling her that I believe its the way I was brought up to eat what you have and not to throw away food.

When we went to bed at 11:30 pm last night the temperature was still a muggy 75* but with the window that is over the head of bed open and the Fantastic Fan on low speed there was a nice cool breeze flowing in.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Yea, got the motorhome washed.

Yesterday I decided was the day I would wash the motorhome as part of the getting ready to leave for the summer.
First I cleaned the under side of the patio awning then it was on the passenger side of the motorhome which was the shady side away from the sun. It was cleaning up pretty good but some spots had to have extra scrubbing with the long handle brush I was using.
After I did that it was to the back of the motorhome  that needed the extra scrubbing all over.
Doing the washing the motorhome plus the heat of the sun it was time for a break to go inside to wait for the sun to move and give me shade on the other side to be washed.

It was also time to eat.  Nancy didn't want to go out for dinner because when there is a holiday of some kind the restaurants are crowded.
Nancy has been wanting to eat Baked chicken and noodles for some time so instead of baked chicken we took a short cut.
I went to Winn Dixie and bought a rotisserie chicken with that Nancy cooked noodles then added cream of chicken soup.  When it was all put together it tasted so close to the baked chicken and noodles one would think it was the same. 

After that good meal there was an NBA Basketball Game coming on the I wanted to watch while I was still on my break.
After the game the sun had moved far enough southwest that I had good shade and also the temperature had went down from 90* to 83* so it seemed some what cooler.
I did get finished up washing the motorhome but still need to do the wheels.
For some reason I get more tired washing the motorhome at age 79 than I did at age 65!
I'm trying to figure that one out. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Rainy Day

First off today I would like to wish all you Moms a Happy Mothers Day.  I know what you moms have to go through with raising a family and thinking of them before thinking of yourself.

Here is what it looked like when I got out yesterday when the guy called that he had taken care of Nancy's computer problem.
But my first stop was the Dollar Tree to pick up a few items such as several sizes of covered deep bowls, shower spray and 1% milk.  We buy the milk here in the quart size because you can keep it for up to a year without refrigeration until you open it then it needs to be in the refrigerator then it still lasts longer than the regular milk.
Next stop was the Flea Market to pick up Nancy's computer where I also bought some ball point pens and a few small cucumbers.
Then it was to the Dollar General Store for a few things.
The last stop was Winn Dixie were I bought a six inch chicken pot pie for Nancy's supper and some more chicken wings for myself.

I got back home put the things I bought in place then it came a down pour here is what it looked like on the passenger side of the motorhome.
Here is the other side with the water running off the awning.  It was like this all day long.

For supper Nancy had her chicken pot pie and I had the chicken wings plus a cheeseburger slider which Nancy made for me.
After our meal we were on our computers then we watched television.  Nancy was watching her television in the bedroom and I with the television up front. Sometimes we both watch the television together but at times we don't like the same thing to watch.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Computer problems

Nancy's new refurbished computer I bought her a few months ago has been acting up.
When she first turns it on and several times she's on it a popup comes on telling her the her Windows 10 will run out June 5.  I've never heard of a program where the Windows would expire so yesterday I took it to the computer place in the Flea Market to see what might be the problem.
The guy says it sounds like it might be infected and he would check it.
I thought he would call back some time later but he didn't.  If he doesn't call today I will go down I pick it up and look at it myself.

On my way back home from the Flea market I stopped at a few place including the Winn Dixie to buy chicken wings that were on sale for the weekend.  I picked out four different sauces and they all tasted really good.

We have no plans for today, I have no plans for working on any of the projects that need to be started.
Nothing other than the normal day to day things that we do.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Stained the new boards

Yesterday while Nancy was getting ready I thought I would start on staining the new white pine boards that I put on the face of the slide out.

By the time it took Nancy to get ready I had stained all of the new boards.
Then Nancy came out and said  she had been thinking about going out to eat and decided she would rather order some pasta from Pizza Hut and just stay home to eat.  So I got on the phone ordered the pasta to be ready for pick up in an hour.
With the pizza, garlic bread sticks we had salad that Nancy put together and a soft drink.

Here is a before photo of what we wanted to replace on the slide out.
Here is the new after the new slide out face board. I still have to put several coats of clear varnish on before it is finished.
A before middle section.
And this is after the new stained middle part.
It looks somewhat better than the old upholstered material after 15 years of looking at the same thing. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Another Birthday?

No I do not have another birthday!  Today its Nancy's birthday so we will have our dinner out today.

The day time temperatures have been in the high 80's for a week and today was forecasted to be 97 it is definitely time to head north to cooler temperatures.

Yesterday It was my turn to go and get an eye exam and pick out the frame for glasses.
I have the start of cataract in the left eye but it is not enough for surgery so that is good news at this time. Now we will be waiting until I get my glasses before we can have the final plans on when we leave here.
When I got back home Nancy said they called from Sun Coast Eye Institute that her glasses were in and she could come in at any time to pick them up.
So I told her I would not have time to do anything else we may as well jump in the car and go get her glasses now.  She really likes her new pair of glasses and the frame she picked out this time is much lighter than the ones she had before.
Funny thing is while we were watching tv last night I looked over and noticed that she didn't have her glasses on after I asked why she wasn't wearing the new glasses she said that she could see good without them.
I may do a little sanding on the new slide face boards today I will just have to see how the day progresses.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Monday, May 08, 2017

Making progress

Saturday morning started with a good breakfast of eggs with onions, pepper with a couple of quarter sliced tomatoes and a piece of country ham with that toast and coffee. 
With a good breakfast like that I was ready for my day and to start on my new project.  On the face of the slice there was the last remains of the old upholstery material that I took off.
I also put up most of the new white pine boards which Nancy and I decide the we wanted as a new look to dress up in that area of the motorhome.
We both agree that it looks much better and gives more light to that area.
I will have the before and after photos when I'm finished with it.  It might be a while as I want to stain and varnish the boards.

Yesterday I went to Lowes to get a few items that I needed for the new project.
From there it was to Walmart to get some small packs of screws and nails because Lowes had the large ones which was more than I wanted.

Then it was a stop in Aldi for a couple dozen large eggs at an unbelievable price of .56, two packages of 12 oz. salad mix for .89.

Then I stopped at Bob Evans for the dinner I ordered earlier.  We had a pot roast with gravy, dressing and rolls.  It was the Family Feast a meal for four at a price of $19.95 so it will be two meals for us, which is a bargain indeed.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Windy Night

Yesterday morning Nancy had us scrambled eggs with ham, peppers and onions on toast for breakfast that tasted mighty good along with a cup of coffee.

After breakfast while Nancy was getting ready to face the day I had a couple of places to go to.
First was Walgreens to get some vitamins we take each day that were on sale.
Next stop was Home Depot for the lumber and finishing nails for my next project that I'm working on.
Next up a stop to buy gas at the price of $2.37 for the car. 
Then next was Winn Dixie for a few grocery items we needed.

When I got back home unloaded the groceries, put them away Nancy was ready to go to the park laundromat to do a couple of loads of laundry. 
Going out the door the sun was shining nice and bright with just a little wind blowing I was going to let down the patio awning but decided to leave it up for another day.

For supper Nancy had us smoked sausage with onions and peppers (yeah we like fried onions and peppers) that with fried potatoes along with sliced tomatoes and cucumbers made for a good meal.

Its a very good thing I left the patio awning up because last night the motor home was really rocking all night long and at times it was like when a dog plays with its toy that it takes it and shakes it around. Needless to say Nancy was on edge all night long while I was snoozing away.
Watching the news this morning they reported wind was at 53 mph last night and some trees down with some homes being damaged.  The wind is still blowing some what this morning so I guess the patio awning will stay up a little longer.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


Friday, May 05, 2017

Refrigerator Problems

I've been taking a short break from the things that I had scheduled to work on with taking more measuring on the wood to make sure I have everything right. I also have been thinking of the different ways of doing the project.

Thursday morning after writing the blog I noticed the check light was on, on the refrigerator and that's not a good sign. I reset it and soon the check light came back on so I got the volt meter and went outside to see what things looked like in the back of the refrigerator. I checked to see if there was DC power going to the places it should be. Next was checking the AC power which there was power at the plug connection. I then looked at the circuit board to see if there were any sign of places being burned and there wasn't.  I then took out the 5 amp fuse to look at it well it looked good so I checked the continuity with my meter, the fuse was bad. So I installed a new fuse that I had and that cured the problem.

Late in the evening the wind that has been blowing all the time that we have been here pick up in speed and the sky was getting darker so I went out side to raise the patio awning once again.
Its a good thing I did because by the time I was finished the wind was getting more fierce and it began to rain. I did get back inside before it came a down pour.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Thursday, May 04, 2017

Eye Glass Appointment

The first thing I did yesterday after breakfast was to wait until 9:00am to call  America's Best to get an appointment to have my eyes examined and get a new pair of glasses.  They were not able to have an appointment until Tuesday the 9th so that will be about another week then 10 days for the glasses to come in.

After getting the glasses appointment set up I was off to the park laundromat to do a load off laundry that always takes up almost two hours.

I ordered us a pizza from Pizza Hut online because they had a special with 50% off with online orders. I had a pick up time of 2:30pm so I had time for other things.
Nancy saw a Ollie's Bargain Outlet sign down in town the other day that she told me about because she knows I like to go in and look around their stores. 
After I was through with the laundry I still had an hour and a half so it was off to Ollie's Bargain Outlet I went.  This is a new store and so new it is not open for business yet so with this much time until it is time to pick up the pizza and I didn't want to go back home what will I do.

I know the roadside market is only a few miles from where I was so to the market I went where I bought tomatoes, banana's and five ears of corn on the cob.
From there I went to the Dollar Tree were I bought a couple of items.

Then it was to Pizza Hut to wait a short 4 minutes until the pizza was ready.  The pizza was very delicious with the pan crust extra pepperoni, cheese, green peppers and red onions.
After eating the pizza and letting it settle a little bit we had a small serving of Maple Nut ice cream.

The rest of the evening we were catching up on our computering for the day.  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Eyes good to go

Monday Nancy was wanting to go to the Good Will Thrift Store to look around.  The last time we were in this store she bought her some new pants at a very good price. She did get her a couple of pairs of pants and I didn't find anything.
On the way back home we stopped at the Golden Corral to have our supper with me using the free Buffet Dinner coupon that they sent me in an email.  The meal was very good and the steak was the best that I've had in a Golden Corral.

Yesterday was the appointment day to get Nancy's eye's check again which she did.  First was the lady checking her vision with reading the charts that showed her vision was indeed much better.
Then she moved to another room for a short wait time the doctor came in to look at her eyes.
The good news was that everything looked fine and she could go ahead and get her new glasses.
Nancy knew her vision was much better because she could see better without glasses than she could with her old glasses on.
So she chose her glasses frame and got her measurement while there yesterday and the new glasses will be in about ten days.
Now I have to set up an appointment to have me a new pair of glasses made.

The only plans for leaving for the summer is somewhere in the latter part of this month, I still want to do a couple of things before we get on the road.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.