Monday, September 29, 2014

Through Helen, Georgia

Yesterday we left Thunder Rock Campground heading farther south.
Saturday though we took one last ride around a country road to see what we could see. It always does amaze what beautiful scenes await us in between the mountains.
We saw several wild turkey. Here was one bunch of them.
I really enjoyed my time at Thunder Rock.  The weekend crowd did come in to go kayaking and do the white water rafting.
I drove through Helen, Georgia again since it has been a couple of years.
I thought the town would be crowded since they were having the Oktoberfest until the end of October.  Maybe it being a Sunday was the reason.
The streets were not crowded but I could see inside the pubs they were having a pint or two.
We got as far as Commerce and spent the night at the Walmart.  Today we will go down to Sinclair Lake and stay a week.  We enjoy the lake very much and the campground is never really crowded.
The only thing is we will not have phone or wifi service in the campground.

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Friday, September 26, 2014

Thunder Rock Campground

We arrived at the Thunder Rock Campground in the Cherokee National Forest on Wednesday.
We have the same camp site that we had when we were here a couple of years ago.
It is nice and quiet here with no one else but the camp host and us. There are no hookups here so we are really boondocking. We have no problems though because we have the solar panels to charge the batteries and the 1500 watt inverter plus a couple of smaller inverters.
The wifi hotspot we have is hit and miss and when it is hit it is very slow. We do not have a signal for our cell phone.  We are roughing it smoothly though. We will be here a few more days.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Gone fishing

Friday  our grandson Haven came over to spend the night with us. He always has spend a night or two when we are in the area.
So Saturday morning he and I went to do some fishing. The little fella is not so little now he is almost as tall as me and still growing.
We sat on the river bank throwing a line in and pulling it back in from time to time. We didn't catch anything.  We did make some memories that will last a lifetime though.
After we got back to the motorhome Haven said he would like burgers to eat so it was burgers on the grill. I ate a couple of the burgers and Haven had a couple also.   The burgers always taste better when cooked on the grill and these tasted real good.

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Great Smoky Mountains

Thursday we decided to be tourist, so we drove over the Smoky Mountains.
It was through Gatlinburg where they have all the pumpkins and fall decorations in place that makes the town look very nice.
After Gatlinburg we entered the Great Smoky Mountain National Park.
When we are in the area I like to take a drive to the top and look over the mountains. When I was working and we went to Florida for our vacation it was always over the Smoky Mountains never getting tired of the scenery.
I drove on over to the North Carolina side on the way to Cherokee. The small waterfalls coming out of the mountains always makes a nice photo. There were several taking a photo of this waterfall.
We entered Cherokee saw the sign above of the ongoing play they have. We saw this play years ago and it is worth the admission so if you get a chance to see it you will not be disappointed.
We took the old route around Cherokee and came to the new route where we came to Harrah's Casino. No we didn't stop so we kept all our money.
Coming back over the mountain I took several photos of the North Carolina side.
The mountain streams were flowing slow for the lack of water.
What few fall wild flowers they are look nice.
We had a very nice day but Nancy as usual was tired to the bone by the time we got back home.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Small stuff

Just hanging around doing some catch-up things. 
Yesterday I crawled under the motorhome and adjusted the emergency brake, checked the windows to see that they are sliding good and free. vacuumed out the motorhome and also the car. Just a bunch of small stuff that took up the day. You know, looking to see if a screw is loose or if other things are too loose or to tight. I like to do all the preventative maintenance that I can do.
I looks like we will have some sunshine today and that will be good.  The sun has not been out in two or three days so maybe it will not be so dreary today.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cool day

It was cloudy all day yesterday and with the constant breeze blowing it was plumb chilly.  It was a day that got you to thinking, "maybe its time to head south". We opened the door and windows on the motorhome and it was pleasant all day long,  This was the first time we didn't turn on the air conditioner in a quite a while.  The temp got down to 65 last night it was nice sleeping weather.
The cool weather didn't keep these two off the lake fishing. I could tell they were bundled up pretty good so they would stay warm.
Anyway it was a very good day to stay in and watch a college football game or two or three.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Some good,some not so good

The other night when I  was getting ready for bed I noticed red flashing lights on the window so I looked out the door and saw a couple of vehicles with the lights up around the bath house but couldn't tell what they were.  The next morning when I took  the garbage up to the dumpster I could see what was the trouble the night before. Someone must have thrown a cigarette in or maybe set it on fire purposely. The plastic doors and top were burned off.
Every once in a while we have to defrost the fridge because the fins frost up. A trick I learned to do was get a box fan to put in front of the open door and it doesn't take long to defrost. The good thing is you don't need to turn off the fridge to do the defrosting and thus the freezer still keeps things nice and solid.
Yesterday we went to pick up the rest of Nancy's medications at the Walgreens pharmacy. We are sure glad we changed from Walmart to Walgreen. We had a problem with a couple of her meds when we were using Walmart. They told us they couldn't transfer them from one state to another even though it was from another Walmart. Using Walgreen we have not had such a problem with getting them.
Have you ever been really caught up in what you were doing?  No I mean really caught up!  It happened to me yesterday evening. After going to the dump to empty the tanks I was setting up the awning and for some reason I had my fingers in the wrong place, the awning arming arm caught my fingers of the left hand like a mouse in a trap. I was lucky that my neighbor across the road was out. I yelled to him to hurry over that I had my fingers caught. He run over and took the awning rod and pulled the awning ot enough to free me up. Boy did that hurt.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014

September, 11, 2001

This is something that many Americans that witnessed this scene will never forget.  The day when America was in tears.
Nancy and I were in Louisville, Kentucky at the time watching tv drinking our first coffee as we do each morning.
A somber day today indeed.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Hanging out in the park the last few days just like old folks that we are.  Watching people coming in and leaving. Douglas Headwater Campground is were the people are mostly local's. Most of the campers know each other and kind of save the best sites for one another. You can see a small tent on the site to show it is taken but may not have anyone around for four days and sometimes a week. Then here comes an RV and they set up on the site.
There was a Bass Tournament over the weekend, but there wasn't as many boats as there were in the last few years.
Nancy has a very good pinto bean dinner yesterday evening that we enjoyed. Nancy still does not have very much energy so we hang around the motorhome most of the time enjoying the view of the lake, watching tv and on the computer.

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Monday, September 08, 2014

Saturday I had to grill two different meats.  Nancy is not suppose to eat much red meat because of her kidney problems so I grilled two chicken breast for her and three ground beef patties for myself.
She had her chicken with a couple of sides while I just had my hamburgers on a bun with potato chips.
I did the usual of the everyday work hauling grey water to the dump being on the computer for a short while and watching some tv.  Nancy did her thing a few dishes to wash and reading one of the many books she has downloaded to her computer.
Yesterday our meal consisted of finishing up the leftovers from the grilled meat we had Saturday.
The day was about the same, almost a rerun.
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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Taking it easy

Just hanging around the motorhome, but we do get out a little now and then.
We do have to keep moving because Nancy and I didn't know which one of us these buzzards had their eye on. They were in the tree across the road from the motorhome.
There is always a barn or two on the back roads in the Sevierville, Pigeon Forge area.
We drove down to the down stream of the dam to see what was new.
A better look at the water coming out. They are letting water out now to keep the river down stream at a high level and the lake at a lower level. I think with the storm we had yesterday evening that there was enough water to raise the level of the lake.
We try not to venture out to the main road on the weekend because of the bumper to bumper traffic.
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Friday, September 05, 2014

Good laundry day

Yesterday was a laundry day. Going to the Laundromat and doing the laundry is usually a hum-drum thing, but it was different this time. After loading the washers I went outside to watch the traffic as I do each time. Then the show started up and down the roadway with the rod run in town this week I enjoyed the old rods passing by and if you like old cars here are some for you.
Some are hard to get as they go by at a pretty good speed.
Some were going to fast for me to get good focus on.
After doing the laundry we went to the new Steak and Shake in town. Each time we notice a large crowd so that was a good sign. We were surprised that the prices were standard for
the Steak and Shake. The Prices here in Pigeon Forge are usually more than the standard price for all the restaurants.  The food was good.

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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Good views

This is the view that we have to look at out the front window each morning. It is a better view that we had at the Clabough's Campground and a bit cheaper.
Yesterday we went to Kroger's to stock up on groceries.
Another beautiful view is the one as you have coming out of the park.
This is a close up of the mountains in the previous photo. The views in the Smoky Mountains are everywhere you look.
The view today will not be as good because it is time to do the laundry again. So keep coming back and I will try to get more photos.
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Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Reunion over

Sunday was a long day of reunion time.
It began with Don the oldest of the group at the age of 82 giving us a sermon. Don is a good preacher and well loved by people of his congregation.
The family hanging on to every word he said.
After the sermon everyone went back to their place to get food that had been prepared.
There is always more food than we can eat and believe me this gang can eat.
This is Toby the youngest of the Family. He had a paper towel wiping down everything in the pavilion from the walls to the tables.
Everyone left on Monday except Don, Peach, Nancy and myself  we left the campground yesterday.
Nancy and I only went fifteen miles to our next stop at Douglas Lake TVA Campground.  We will be here a few weeks.