Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Visitor

A view of Sinclair Lake.
We had a visit from a RV.Net forum member and blog reader Jim Maddox today. He lives here on Sinlcair Lake. Thanks for stopping by Jim. Jim and his wife Judy are fulltime wanna-be's and I know they have thousands of questions to asked. They may be out tomorrow.
Today started out with a morning walk,then we took our lounge chairs down to the beach to soak up some sun. After showering and sitting around for a while I grilled a couple of steaks for dinner. Then we went for another walk this evening. This type of life is tough but someone has to do it.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sinclair Lake

After eating breakfast and getting ready we found a laundromat in town then did the washing.
When we got back to the motohome in the WalMart lot we put the clothes up and did some grocery shopping. We did this because we will be in the forest for a few days without going into town.
Here is the entrance to the Sinclair Lake Campground which is in the Oconee National Forest.

After paying we drove to our site which has water,electric and is in Loop A.
Here we are parked in our site. The book on the park says the site has a 28 foot limit but our 32 foot motorhome fit with room to spare. It is always good to check on the site limits because a lot of times a much larger recreational vehicle will fit on a site.

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Another late start today. It was even more late than our usual because everyone was using the dump station.

After a couple of hours we stopped in the small town of Lexington(wonder how many towns in the USA with the name Lexington)to eat a late lunch. After lunch we walked from one end of town to the other(one whole block and a half).
It did have a nicke court house.

The sign says open,it sure is the whole side and top. Actualy the sign was for a building next door.

After driving the gret amount of 124 mile we came to Eatonton where the famous Uncle Remus Museum is located. This is the first time that we have stopped at this place in 42 years and that was with our 3 children.

They really enjoyed it at the time because they had heard the story of Brer Rabbit.
We are parked at the WalMart for the night.


Saturday, September 27, 2008

A Walk Around the Campground

Well,yes I guess it would.
This campground is thick with pine trees and the smell of pine is so nice.

The Canadian Geese were swimming and something startled them. So off in flight they went.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Rainy Day

With it raining much of the day we had to sit inside most of the day. It did stop raining for a moment one time and we got out to walk then it started to rain again and we had to get in. Maybe tomorrow will be better but of course it is saturday and that means college football day.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Lots of Wind

Our site here at Hartwell Lake is located out on a point and the wind blows constantly. It is cool in the mornings and evening when the temperature is down around 60 degrees.

There were 6 canadian geese out in front of the motorhome this morning walking around looking for food.

This is our site here at the lake.

This is close p of the dam across the lake from our site.

This is a panoramic photo of the lake down the bank about 20 yards from the motorhome. We are enjoying our time here relaxing and also going into town a seeing the old homes

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


We got a good start today and after driving through the mountains on I-40.

And through a couple of tunnels/

With a total of 163 miles we came to our destination,Lake Hartwell. Here is one of the old houses in the town of Hartwell. We are in a Corp of Engineers Campground and will be here for 4 days looking around and enjoying different scenery.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

On Our Way

On our way but slow. We woke up this morning and did our usuall thing going out laying in the sun,then we got ready to leave around 1:30. By the time I stopped and bought gas and propane it was much later. I drove 33 miles to New port where we stopped in the WalMart to walk and buy some groceries. By that time it was 5:00 so I decided to just stay here for the night instead of driving farther. I guess we will get there sooner or later.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Time to Leave

Well it looks like our time here in the Smokie Mountains and Tennesee has come and gone. We will be leaving sometime tomorrow. There are people that like to get up and leave early but not us,we will get up and treat it like a usuall day. We will leave sometime in the afternoon.
We went over and spent the day with Joe and the family. Nancy did the laundry while we were there. I don't know how far or where we will be tomorrow before we stop for the night. We never make reservations so we don't know where we will be until we get there.

Friday, September 19, 2008

On Top of Old Smokie

When in Pigeon Forge and The Gatlinburg area the trip isn't complete until you go to the top of the Smokie Mountain.
On the long slow trip up the mountain you will go through a couple of tunnels.
Be sure to stop on the way up at the many pull offs they have and look and listen to the mountain streams. The water is low this time of year but worth looking at.
Then you finally get to the top of the mountain. What great views from here.
It is simple breath taking.
As far as the eye can see there before you is mountain after mountain. Oh' America how beautiful you are indeed.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today was a slow day,but we did get over to visit our friends Lena and Earl for a couple of hours.
From there we stopped in to visit again with Joe and family. We had dinner with them again and came home with a loaf of pumpkin bread that Cherisa had baked. On the way home I stopped for gas which is now $3.49 a gallon. Then stopped one more time for whipped cream to go on the pumpkin bread. Oh it tasted good.

A bunch of Sun

Nancy and I laid out in the sun quit a while this morning. Actually we almost got a burn,but we did ok.
I saw this sail boat out on the lake today. This was an unusual site because all the ol' boys have the boats with the large motors on them. Matter of fact yesterday there were about 20 of them that took off all at once.
Nancy fixed a good pot roast today that we took over to Joe's for supper.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back to Dollywood

Yes we did. We went back to Dollywood today. We went into the Showstreet Palace and saw the gospel group "Kingdom Heirs Quartet". They did pretty well.
If you don't like shows maybe you would like one of the many rides here,such as the carousel.

They have begun to set up for the month of october with things like this pumpkin tree.

Sunday, September 14, 2008


It sure does seem strange that the price of gas was $3.63 a gallon and when the storm hit there was a shortage of gas and it went to near $5.00 a gallon? Now at $5.00 a gallon they have the gas for you. I guess it is the greedy world we live in today. We're not doing much of anything just getting some sun and watching the days go by.

Friday, September 12, 2008

WOW Price of gas

Yesterday we spent the most of the day at Joey's. Nancy needed to was a load of clothes so she thought that we would go over there to do the clothes instead of going to the laundromat. We had a nice visit and also we bought pizza to eat yesterday evening. Joey and I had a good time playing the different Wii games. These games are just like doing the real thing and really wear me out.
I started to fill up my fuel tank last night but I didn't and boy,wish I had of. I went to the station here close to the campground today and they were sold out. The stations in town were selling regular gas for $5.00 a gallon and still selling out.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Barbeque & Bluegrass

We went to Dollywood today to walk around and also to see some of our friends that we use to work with here. It was Barbeque and Bluegrass time in Dollywood.
Here is a pig being roasted and ready for the sauce. Bluegrass music was all around and so was the food.

Don't like barbeque? How about sauage with onions and peppers that is being prepared in a very large skillet? If you don't like any of that there are many other places to eat here on the park.

Dolly even had her bus here this time. This lady travels a bunch of miles. We had a nice time listening to some music and taking in a country show.

You can tell what people around this part of the country think about Dolly.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Ordinary Day

Nothing unusual today. Nancy got her hair cut.
I was a little busy,I had to put a new set of brake pads on the front of the car.
How is that for a short report of the day.

Monday, September 08, 2008

Around Town

It looks like they are gearing up for another car show this week end. There seems to be more old chevrolets than anything thing else.
A good way to ge around town is by trolley. Here is a new one that is a Hybird that runs on propane. Get on one of these and let someone else drive while you look around.

One of the more popular shows is the Country Tonite Show. This is a very good show that I have seen several times
Whatever you come to Pigeon forge for I'm sure you will enjoy your self.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Things to do

There are several things to do in the Pigeon Forge area. If you like to play golf there are several golf courses in the area like this one that you may pass on the way to Dollywood.
Speaking of Dollywood, that is a good way to spend an entire day with everything for the whole family. They have live shows,music and rides of all kinds.

This is one place that bikers love to come to ride. They like to go up in the mountains where it is cool when the valley is rather warm.

You can always see an old car even when they are not having a car show of any kind. With the many motels and campgrounds you are sure to find a place to stay. There is always a crowd here summer and winter alike and the streets are dressed out in whatever season.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Gorgeous Sunrise

Yesterday morning we had another beautiful sunrise to start the day out. Its amazing how many different looking sunrises you can see in one spot.
Tere was a huge number of buzzards out near the water looking to see what they could find. They were tearing up a large piece of plastic material.
The day was hot again in the 90's and I spent the biggest part of the day runnung around checking on a varity of things that needed to be done.
Last night Joey got us free tickets to the Magic show starring Magician Terry Evanswood. He did quite a few amazing tricks that left you saying "how did he do that".
Another good day.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Book Trading Time

Nancy like to come to Pigeon Forge because there is a good used book store with a lot of books and they will take her books as trade in. This time around she had 8 bags of books to trade. Of course the book store is the winner in this deal as she got 2 bags of books and she had to pay $17.00. But still cheaper then buying new books. That woman reads a bunch of books.

After the books store we went to visit Joey a couple of hours then it was of to WalMart to do some shopping on the way home we stopped at the Little Caesar's Pizza and got a "hot and ready". With a late start on the day that was our eventful dy.a

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Beautiful Day

I got up early enough this morning to look out the window and saw the sun coming up over the mountain and looking into the lake. I said thank you Lord for another beautiful morning.

After we had a jelly biscuit and a cup of coffee we poured another cup and went outside to enjoy the morning for a while longer. When we got ready we went to the laundromat where Nancy had a large load of clothes to do. The rest of the day was spent just relaxing.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Family Reunion

Well another Family Reunion has come and gone. We had a good time visiting with one another and talking about what has gone on in our lives the past year. We had more than enough to eat and the Karoake Sunday night was entertaining,

We moved out to Douglas Lake to stay a while longer in the area. We have some business to attend to before we leave and we will stay extra days.
This week end the town of Pigeon Forge will be crowded once again with the "Shades of the Past" auto show.