Monday, April 29, 2019

Winter project finished

Well its finished after months of hanging in there, I can almost rest but first I still have another small item to finish.

Yes all the walls in the motorhome have been primed and the final color put on.

With months of the motorhome being like a bomb went off inside of it that Nancy had to stay in the bedroom all day long .

The slide with the booth dinette and sofa removed, the old carpet cut up and taken out.
It went from this,
to looking like this.

The look from the front to the back went from linoleum and carpet worn and much to old.

Is looking and smelling new again and for some reason it looks like we have more room.

We chose to go through out with the Allure Vinyl Paneling which is water proof.

And I mean all the way.

There is new carpet on the engine cover.  I also did the inside of the cover with a foil backed insulation and sound deadening material.

Both the passenger and thedriver side of the firewall has new carpet.

New carpet is also on and around the stepwell.

Needless to say this is very hard while living full time in the motorhome and having to keep moving things from one place to the other then back again.

So with that project finished I can celebrate my 81st birthday tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

Doctors and eating out.

Nancy was at her Nephrologist Wednesday and as always she is kind of nervous of what the GFR numbers will be.
When the Nephrologist told her that her numbers went from 27 all the way up to 33 she perked right and came out with a loud WOW.
The Nephrologist told her to not get to excited, that her numbers would probably go back down which they usually do.  But for now that was really great news for Nancy.

After that along with Sherry we went up to Spring Hill for a good steak dinner at Cody's Steak House.  We wanted to take Sherry because she hasn't been to a Cody's before and she really enjoy her meal.

Thursday, we stayed home because I wanted to do a little more work in the house and it came a rain storm that lasted most of the day.

Yesterday it was back to the Florida Specialist Center to see how the iron infusions had worked on Nancy.
Well good news with that doctor also who told her that the infusions that the three infusions she had did the trick and she would not have to take the shots.
But as we travel through the summer she will have to get her blood drawn every six weeks so he can keep a check on it. Then he will let her know if she will have to have the iron shots started.
Once again Nancy was glad to hear the good news from the doctor on that part of her problems.

 From the doctor we came back home to pick up Sherry for another meal out.  This time it was to Niko's Grill which is a small restaurant on a side street where the locals eat.
There food is really good and the price is right.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Sherry's Here

Our youngest daughter Sherry did make it here Monday night around 11:30 pm.  She had a late flight that did not arrive until 10:30 and  she didn't want us to be out that late at night , so she had a driver pick her up at the airport and bring her here to the motor home.

We were all glad to see each other  again and after a short visit we were ready for bedtime.

I had to make a few stops yesterday to get a few things, so sherry decided she would go with me while Nancy got ready for the day.
When Sherry and I got back the three of us just sat around visiting for the rest of the day. 
It was a good day indeed visiting with our daughter.

Today Nancy has to go in for a visit with her Nephrologist to see the results of the blood work up she had last week.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Eating too much again

I hope all of you had a nice day Easter Sunday and all your planning for that day went as expected.

Nancy and I spent the day at home, she always like to fix me a special dinner and did she ever.

Here is a sampling of the food in my plate.  Ham, that we prepared in the IP Pot, deviled eggs, candied sweet potatoes, cooked cabbage, green beans, hot rolls and a soft drink.
That lady can still cook up a delicious meal.
Yesterday was I went to Home Depot for a few needed things and also to a few grocery stores for a few items we needed.
Also did a little work around the motor home.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

I would like to say Happy Easter to all my readers and to thank you for hanging in there with me while I have been busy and have neglected  my blog.
May this day truly be happy for you as you are with your family or do your thing at this time.

I have to say I think it looks like I will be finished with the flooring project tomorrow.
It has been a long tiring work in progress and I would not suggest for a guy my age to tackle doing it alone.

Speaking of my age I will be 81 on the last day of this month.

Our daughter Sherry will be here late tomorrow evening to visit with us.  She likes to visit and start on our summer travels with us until we arrived at her house.
Of course she has a chance to visit with her son Jeremy and his family as we have a stop there along the way.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Thursday, April 18, 2019

Oh, the appoinments

Busy week so far and no it hasn't been on the upgrading of the motor home.

Monday, Nancy and I had an appointment with our cardiologist for what we thought was the last one until we get back in the fall of the year.
It was for me but not Nancy, the doctor wants to have her to do some test to see why her legs are staying swelled up like they do.
After the test then he well see her a couple of days after the test results on her legs.

Tuesday, both of us were at our regular doctor for him to check us out.  Since I've not had any blood work done in a couple of years he thought it would be a good idea to do that before we leaving for the summer.

Yesterday we went to Lab Corp to have our blood drawn.  I just had to have three vials drawn, but Nancy had to have ten vials because she had to have it for three different doctors.
Because of all the blood taken from Nancy she was not very alive all day long.

Needless to say I only got a little work done on the motor home.  I hope in the next three days I can get more of the upgrade finished.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Sunday, April 14, 2019

A couple of photos

Well I have been busy with some of our usual chore like going to the store and helping nancy with the laundry.
As always when Nancy feels like it and a little peppy she will do the washing of the clothes on our little washer/spin dryer.  Then I take them down to our laundromat here in the park to completely dry them.

I've been going to Home Depot at least once a week for supplies on the upgrade that I have been doing so long.
While being out at the Home Depot I stop along the way at the different  grocery stores that have the best prices of the things that we need.

I finally got the dog house in the motorhome covered.
It wasn't as hard as I expected it to be, although it did take a little sniping and tucking for a good fit.
Actually it was more hard lying on my stomach doing the passenger side of the firewall.
Anyway it did turn out pretty well and looks a lot better with the old carpet out of there.
With Nancy and I having three days of doctor appointment this week I will not get to work on it as much as I need to.
But it will be finished before we get on the road for the summer.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Sunday, April 07, 2019

Goings on

I got very little completed on the floor project this week, so this next week I need to get with it.

I did get to Home Depot a couple of times for some supplies I needed including the carpet that will go on the engine cover.

Also went to the grocery store a few days, Walmart one time.

But the best part was we got to visit with a couple of our friends which was long past due.
The first was with Lee our friend whom we have not seen in over a year.
Lee came over one day, even after I told him the motor home was in a mess.  But you know a good friend is someone who can overlook the messed up place and just put that away while having a very good visit.  Thank you a lot for coming over Lee.

The second visit was Carolyn and Sam where we met at Steak and Shake  for a light meal.
Carolyn and Sam are our long time friends from back home in West Virginia.
While eating we carried on a conversation that extend out into the parking lot.  After a couple of hours we decided it was time to end it and be on our way home.

I did watch the NCAA Basketball Tournament, so tomorrow night will be the finals and that will be all of it until the college basketball starts back up later this year.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 


Tuesday, April 02, 2019

Laundry Day

Yesterday was time to do our laundry, so that made it a wash and dry day.
While we are parked here Nancy does the washing part with our small washer and spin dryer.  When she has finished with three small loads I take them to the Laundromat here in the park to be put in a dryer.
So with doing a quit and sheets I have to take them to the laundromat wash in the large washers and then dry them.
This morning it has started raining again and Nancy will do another load of clothes for me to dry.

It rained all day yesterday and the temperature dropped down to 64*  then as night fall came it went back up to 72*.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.