Monday, October 30, 2017

Just a recap since we left my brother nick on Friday.

After having breakfast with nick and Joann we got things ready for the road after saying our goodbyes we were on our way.  For a short time anyway because I stopped at Kroger to fill up with gas at a price of $2.14 a gallon then moving on to I-75.

There was a lot of traffic on the interstate with motorhomes going south for the winter I imagine.

Of course you see the billboards lining the road.

We called Jeremy to tell him we had arrived and to come over for a visit.
He was still at work so his wife Shanna brought the grand kids over.

Nancy and I just couldn't get over how much they have grown.
They wanted to stay overnight so we let them.
Jeremy was working Saturday and Shanna was busy painting the new house tht they had jst bought so we said not worry about it since they wanted to stay the day.
Andy and I went to Walmart while Hannah stayed home with Nancy.

I took Hannah and Andy out to Banks National Wildlife Refuge to spend some time while Nancy got ready for the day.


A few of the cottages along the swamp shore line.
This is a nice large swamp area that they have walking trails, canoe rentals.  A nice area to spend a day.
We returned in a couple of hours and were getting hungry  so it was back to the store for ground beef so I could grill the meat to make us hamburgers and cheese burgers.
The ground beef made excellent burgers that Nancy and I both agreed that the y were the best that we have had for quite some time.

The kids must have had a good time since they stayed again Saturday night.

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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Busy with the kids

We arrived at the Cain's Campground in Hahira, Georgia Friday evening to visit our Grandson Jeremy.
We haven't seen him and his Family for over a year or two.
The great grand kids have grown what looks like a foot taller being 13 years old (Hannah) and 14 years old (Andy).

They spent the night with us and we really enjoyed having them for the night and day.
Then they wanted to stay again last night plus another little one (Shania) which is Jeremy's new daughter since he has just been married again to Shanna.

So with us being busy I will have to fill in the blog at a more less busy time.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Another great day

Here is the spot for our motorhome when we come to visit with Nick and Joann and a very good spot it is with water and electric hookups.

It was another day out with Nick to go to the various place to see if we could find some bargains.

Our first stop was to Home Depot where we walked each aisle to see what they had that we might need.

The next stop was across the highway to Lowes to check out what they had.

Next a stop at the Habitat Restore where it is always interesting to look at all the different things they get from people doing remodeling or changing the furniture in there house.

All this took up three or four hours then it was a quick stop at Walmart.

When we arrived back home it was time to sit down to a delicious ham dinner where Nancy and I ate way too much with adding on another pound or two.

After that another evening with pie and ice cream.

After watching tv and some conversation we came home to take our medicine and get ready for bed.

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Thursday, October 26, 2017

Enjoying our time here

We didn't do much yesterday but what we did took up most of the day.

By the time Nancy and I got up ate our breakfast and did the computer thing of reading our email and looking to see what was happening on a few blogs it was getting into the day.
I got ready and went out to the driveway where Nick was cleaning out a couple of their cars then vacuuming them out.  After he finished I used the vacuum cleaner to do the inside of(Little Red) our car.
After putting everything away Nick and I went inside where we had a sandwich for lunch.

Then Nick and I were off to our first stop to Kroger for a few things that Nick bought.
Our next stop was Publix for more shopping.
Now keep in mind when brother Nick goes shopping it is always no less than an hour and a half before we are back out the door because he is a bargain hunter.

Nick had to take his new Dodge van in for a recall earlier in the day so they called to tell him it was ready to pick up. 
After coming out of Publix we went to the dealership to get the van which he drove back home while I drove the other car.

After bringing the cars back home, unloading the groceries we went to get some Little Caesar's pizza for supper. 
The pizza we had sure hit the right spot as they tasted really good.

After eating the pizza and letting it settle for a while Joann served us a piece of Key Lime Pie.

Nancy and I always gain weight when we visit here and being here only a couple of days we have already gained a few pounds.`
We watched a little television then came home took our medicine got on the computers for a while then went to bed being satisfied with our day.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Warner Robins, Georgia

Monday I went down to the Ranger Station which is 20 miles from the campground.
The reason was that when we arrived Friday evening after setting all up I went up to the self service pay booth and paid for our 4 nights stay.

When the camp host came around Saturday I was talking with him and he informed me that they were not charging to came at the time because some of the National forest Parks are doing this to help out the people that had been displaced by Hurricane Irma with free camping.
He said I was not the only person that did not notice the sign hanging on the board.
He said to go up to the Ranger Station to asked for a refund.  So I went up Monday and gave my name and maybe they will refund the $42.50 that I paid.

I later looked on the board for the notice and sure enough it was there but it was one of those posted notices that you would not see unless you knew it was there and was looking for it.

On the way back home the overcast skies turned loose a very hard rain that made it hard to drive.

We left Lake Sinclair yesterday on our way to Warner Robins, Georgia for a visit with my brother Nick and his wife Joann.

The drive was a short drive with us going through a few small towns where the railroad tracks going down the middle of town.
The photo above is the old freight station.

There were long stretches of straight road that are up and down like this up part.

And when you go up you got to come down and get ready to go up again.
We travel a lot of these roads before the interstate roadways and I still enjoy traveling them.

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Monday, October 23, 2017

Lake Sinclair

We did leave Sunset Beach mid-morning Friday and were on the two lane roads for the first hour and a half.

Then it was on I-20 for most of the day.  I wanted to travel at a faster pace than the two lane roads I usually take but sometime you need to go at a get there quicker speed.

This is not the kind of scenes that I like, roads everywhere.

But I guess if you happen to have a flat tire it would be very helpful to be on this interstate.

After many hours of traveling I-20 it was time to turn at our exit.  At the end of the off ramp we made a left turn in the direction of Lake Oconee on route 44.

Soon we were driving passed Lake Oconee and on our way.

Soon we were in Eatonton and another twenty minutes or so to our destination of Lake Sinclair.

Once again we blessed with having an electric site to pull into.

Saturday I did some projects that needed my attention and still was able to watch a couple of the college football games I wanted to see.

Yesterday I went to Walmart to buy bread which we had run out of and  few more groceries that we needed.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Preparing to move

The T-Bone Steaks I grilled the other day were so good that I just had to go back to Hill's and buy some more of them.  The ones I bought were not as thick as the first ones but still a good  1/2 inch thick where the first ones were 3/4 thick.  So in the freezer they went to be grilled later on.

Yesterday was a trip to the laundromat to do the laundry.  We went yesterday so Nancy would have a day to rest up before we move on south Friday.
I think both of us are ready to get on the road after setting in one place for a month.

Today will be our day for getting things ready for our moving home on wheels with tomorrow being the final latch down of the things so they will stay in place while traveling down the road.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Real good T-Bone

Sunday we started the morning off with a light breakfast.
I told Nancy I was going to take it easy for the day but that didn't work out as I went out side I notice once again how bad the rugs looked on the out side steps.
I had already bought some new rug runner and I had the grommets to do the work at hand.
Getting the measurement and cutting the rugs to size then I installed three grommets on each side.
These are usually attached with small springs but I find that the plastic wire ties work just as well.

I finished in time to take a short break then it was time to grill a couple of T-Bone Steaks that I bought on sale a couple of days ago.

Here is my steak with baked potato, cole slaw, onions and tomato. 
The steaks were good and juicy and so tender.

Nancy had a sweet potato with her steak.  The steaks were around 12 oz  each and to much for us to eat all of it so there was enough left over for a snack some other time.

Yesterday was a day with a few chores of us getting ready to leave this coming Friday.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Rain is gone--for now

All the rain we have been having for a week is finally over, at least it has the last two days.

The sun is out and shining on the just picked tobacco field next door to the Wishing Well Campground where were are staying.

Also this is one of many of the golf communities in the Myrtle Beach area.
There are a lot of people that like their golfing so much that I've seen out in a hard rain playing.

Friday Nancy said she was overdue for a haircut so it was off to Great Clips for a haircut.
She was in and out in a short time.

Yesterday was of course was my college football games day.  So more or less I wore the Lazy Boy and myself out.
Avery good day for some of the teams as they upset the favorites.  Those are some of the best games to watch unless you are wanting the favorite team to win.
Anyway it was a nice relaxing day.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Getting by on a little

Wednesday Nancy wasn't feeling very well so I went back to the Roses Store to buy a extension handle for a window cleaner to use on the motor home windows.  The handle extends out to five feet so that will help me by me not having to climb a ladder to clean the windows.
Also while down in North Myrtle Beach I filled the car up with gas again with the fuel still being $2.25 a gallon.  I just filled it up when we were down there the other day so the tank just held $9.00 worth.

Yesterday morning I got up and ready then went to the Hardees Restaurant which is only a couple of miles down the road from us for our breakfast.
For me it was the special of two sausage and egg biscuits for $2.50 and because Nancy doesn't like sausage I got her bacon and egg biscuit not being on sale was $5.98.  Still a good deal and it will be for breakfast again in the morning.
 I went to Shallotte to do some shopping.
First stop was to home depot for some supplies for a couple of projects that I'm going to do.
Next stop was to Dollar Tree for shower spray and Damp Rid because all the rain we have been having everything has a cool dampness to it.
Next up was Walmart for some vitamins we were getting low on.
I stopped at Hills again to get some items that were on sale.
Before I left town I got us a Little Caesar's Pizza.
So buying food for breakfast and again for supper at a cost of close to $15.00 including breakfast again this morning is pretty good getting by on a little if I have to say so myself.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.  

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Intercoastal Waterway

Not much going on yesterday since it was a raining off and on kind of day.
I did  go down to the Walgreen to pick up our medicine.

Once again I went down to see what was on the Intercoastal Waterway.
There were six kayakers out on the water enjoying the day.

Boaters out as usual going up and down the coast.

Nancy and I enjoyed the beef roast from the day before for our supper.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


Sunday, October 08, 2017

Dash air once again

Friday was a busy day again with a project that I have been putting off for sometime.
Our car (Little Red) which is a 2004 red cavalier has had an air conditioner problem for way too long so I thought I would look into the problem a little closer.  I knew the problem was the actuator door by the sound it was making a clicking sound.
So I went to google to see what needed to be done and the suggestions on you tube.  Also the cost if I would take it in to a service place which said the cost would be $600 to $800 because of the difficulty of the labor involved. On you tube they showed how the dashboard would have to be removed in order to get to the actuator.  After checking things out I decided I could do it myself by getting at it from beneath the dash and in order to do that I would remove the front passenger seat so I would be more comfortable lying on my back.

After taking the actuator off I was off to Advance Auto to get a new one.
From there I went to hills to get a few groceries then I picked us up a pizza from Little Caesar's.

After getting back home Nancy ask if I was going to eat and I told her I would rather wait until I was finish with the car than eat the pizza and have to lay on my back to finish up with the car because at times pizza doesn't agree with me anyway.
Checking my time with the car including taking the seat out and putting it back in took all of 45 minutes. 
Not to shabby in the it saved me at least $600.

Saturday started off good with Nancy fixing me a good breakfast as always on Saturday.
Two eggs with peppers and onions, two sausage patties, two small slider biscuits, a fried hash brown patty that with a cup of coffee tasted mighty good.

Well it was another trip to Walmart because although the actuator door was working the air coming out of the dash vents were not cooling enough so I had to buy a can of freon to put in.
Back hone I added the freon and after a short time checking the temperature it measured 47 degrees so good enough with the car setting still and idling.

With being caught up for the day I settled into my lazy boy and watched a couple of college football games the rest of the day. 

Friday, October 06, 2017

5 stops all day

Yesterday was another full day for Nancy and myself.
Our first stop of the day was to take some Christmas Decorations that we no longer use to the Goodwill Store.

We've been wanting to go to the Roses Store since we arrived here so yesterday was the day.
We like the stores and every chance we get while traveling we stop to see what they have in stock which is always changing.

We spent quite something looking and buying in Roses and by the time we were finished we getting mighty hungry.
We drove down the strip and back up then stopped to eat at a Friday's.
Nancy had a chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries and I had the Really Good Cheeseburger which did live up to its name.  The burger had what looked like 8 oz. of meat with bacon, cheese, tomato, onion and lettuce on it.  I said it was a really really good cheese burger.

The next stop was to fill up with gas at $2.25 a gallon, how could I not fill it up.
I guess since they are vacating the oil platforms in the gulf now that Hurricane Nate is coming in the prices will go up again.

Then it was a stop at a Walmart to return a shirt I bought that was to large for me.

Just like the other day by the time we got home unloaded the car of the things we bought and put away it was dark for the night. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Long day for us

Yesterday was a busy day for us.
First we went to the Laundromat in Shallotte to do the laundry which was a little overdue and that took a couple of hours so after doing the laundry/

We chose to go to the San Felipe Mexican Restaurant we have eaten here many times so we know the food has been good in the past.

We gave our order and then the waiter brought out the chips and dip.  Nancy does not like the salsa that much since it is always on the hot side for her so she ordered the cheese dip for her self.
We enjoyed the chips and dip so much that we ate the all of the chips.

We ordered the mixed for two which was half chicken and the other half steak.  that with each of us getting a plate of rice, refried beans and salad with guacamole and sour cream.
We both were hungry and that meal sure did taste good to us.

With our hunger satisfied we were off to Walmart for our groceries and a few other things.
That trip to Walmart took over an hour and we were out the door and on our way again.

Not very far though because I wanted to stop at Hills grocery store for a few items and to look around to see what they had on sale that we might need.

Then finally with that being the last stop and on the way home.
By the time we got home and had everything put away it was dark and an end to our long day.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.    

Monday, October 02, 2017

Weekend Ramblin

Saturday was a college football day for me to watch a few games.  Although some of the games that I had hoped would be good to watch was not that good because instead of a close game was a blow out for one of the teams.

We finished up the chicken fettuccine alfredo that Nancy and I put together. It was really good so we will have to fix some more of it in the future.

Yesterday was a nice peaceful day for us.  I even grilled up some chicken breasts and cube steaks, enough for three days of meals.  We had the grilled chicken breasts yesterday with a couple of sides and it tasted good.

I don't know what we will be doing today but I'm sure we may find something to get into.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.