Thursday, October 28, 2021

Sam's Club

 Nancy likes to eat Mini Sweet Peppers with her breakfast sandwich, so I get to clean them for her.


The other night as I was cleaning a pepper at first I thought it had a bug inside of it but, on looking closer it was a pepper growing inside.  This was a first for me, if I had seen this before it has been so long ago I have forgotten it.

Tuesday was a day to be a little busy with going to Sam's Club.

I bought some gas which was 16 cents cheaper than the other stations around the area.   Looks like everyone else had the same idea since the 20 pumps were at least 4 cars deep.

Yeah it looked like an early Christmas inside. It really wasn't very crowded in the store like the fuel pumps were, although I did see a few large screen tv's going out the door.


By the time I was ready to check out of Sam's Club I called Nancy to see if she wanted me to get anything out of the freezer section that she could throw in the micro wave instead of her havig to cook our meal.  She agreed the would be good.

I got us a frozen Stouffer's meat lovers baked ziti meal.  It was a good price that had two boxes that said 4 servings each box.  The meal was better than the price, really good.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Pep Boys----"We Think"

 Of course you know I watched football Saturday, only a couple of them this time as I had to go to a couple of other things to do.

My a/c on the car is still giving me trouble with the Freon leaking out.   I took it to Pep Boys, they checked it and said it was low on Freon, "duh" yeah that's why I brought it in.
They filled it with Freon and dye incase it leaked again.  I said  "I will be back" the fellow said "we think it will be ok".

I was back the next day!  They took it in the back to check it again and said, we couldn't find the leak but thought it might be the high side valve leaking.  So they put a new valve on it.
Again I said I don't think that would be the problem because the valve has never been used and would not be leaking since it has not been opened.
Well the Freon leak out again the next day.  I had it in the shop yesterday and after four hours again said "we think" it was a rubber o-ring so in went a new put in a new one.

Time will tell.

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Friday, October 22, 2021

Getting stuck

 Yesterday was time for Nancy and I to see the Doctor.
Nancy had some blood drawn a couple of weeks ago so it was time to see the results. Most of her results was the same as usual and that is always the report for her.  For some reason the doctor wanted her to have another blood sample.  

As for me I'm still in good shape for my age.  Also our appointments where around 1:45 and I was fasting so blood drawn for me also. The first young lady to stick the needle in me gave up after trying three times to get some blood out of me had another young lady try her luck.  I'm glad she did that because the second lady hit the vein the first time.

After being at the doctor office for so long Nancy and I went to the Grand Hibachi Buffet to have our dinner and that was a good idea because everything tasted much to good and both of us really stuffed ourselves.  

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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

A long day

 As you can tell there is not very much happening around here so not many things go in the blog.

You can tell that fall is here in this part of Florida also as the temperature was down to 61* yesterday morning when I got up.
I could really feel it when I got out from under the covers.  But in a few hours it felt nice, then around noon time it was hitting into the 80's

Yesterday was a very long day for me in that I had to go to Pep Boy's to get the cars ac worked on. 
It has been out for the last few weeks because, the Freon keeps leaking out.
I had to keep adding the Freon but that was like putting a band-aid on it and the last time I went to Walmart to buy a can of Freon  The price went from $4.00 a can to $10.00.
Really it jumped that much in the price.
Anyway the long wait was three hours long.

I don't know what I'll get into today but it will have to be something its very hard just to sit the day away.  That makes for a long day.

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Monday, October 11, 2021

T Bones and games

 Doing a few things around the house, like trimming back a bush that was about to become a tree.
It wasn't too bad but it was beginning to cover the front window, and I have to see what is going on.  Like if the mail has been delivered or if the garbage truck has made their run and a few more things.


I did get time to throw two nice T bone steaks on the grill and they came out as perfect as any meats I have grilled.
I mean to tell you they really had the taste with the juices flowing.  Steaks with a baked potato and a salad is mighty hard to beat.

Saturday was spent watching a couple of college football games that went just the way that I enjoyed them.

Yesterday was a day of watching a movie on the tv and just relaxing the day away.

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Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Same "O"

 Things are just the same here, cleaning out the motorhome is taking longer then I thought.
Of course there's no hurry so that is the way I'm doing it.  With having a hard time finding a place in the house to stack up the "stuff" from the motorhome is really a chore.

I took the weekend to watch some of the college football games and even take in an NFL game on Sunday.

With Nancy not having any strength to speak of we are having more of the fast food type meals.  But every once in a while she does cook us a special meal and yesterday was one of those days.
Boy, did that really taste extra good.

After picking up Nancy's medicine today it will be back to finding or making room for things coming from the motorhome to the house.

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