Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cumberland Gap

Yesterday we left the London,Kentucky Walmart for a short drive to our next stop.

I-75 was really crowded and I was glad that I only had to drive ten miles before getting of of it and getting on the Cumberlan Gap Parkway.  In around an hour or so we were in Middlesboro where I bought some gas at Kroger at 3.29 with the Kroger card. After that we went into the store for a few items.
Then after five miles we were at the Cumberland Gap Wilderness Campground. After emptying the tanks and filling up the fresh water tank I found an empty site for the motorhome. I then walked back to the office where I paid for a couple of nights. Boy did that feel strange paying to stay to park the motorhome. I paid for two nights,but we have no plans of how long we will be here. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


We were going to stay sunday night at Vicki's place but we didn't.  Vicki wanted us to stay and have dinner with her where she work's. She had told us about the buffet they have in their lunch room and it doesn't cost anything for them and they can get anything and any amount they want. Of course she was talking my language(free).  So we would have had to get up early by staying at Vicki's due to Nancy taking so long to get ready. We just drove down to the Walmart in Nicholasville for the night. That put us 10-15 minutes from her work at R J Corman.
First Vicki had to give us a tour of the place. Her she is in front of one of the buildings. This is a huge complex of buildings that house the office's,three jet planes and other things we could not see. They have their own airstrip for the planes  This is on the 2000 acres of land the R J Corman owns. They have a workout room with a track and all the other equipment with towels and showers at no cost to the employees. A very nice place to work.
After lunch and saying our goodbyes we were off and on the road again. We got to London Welcome Center where I emptyed the tanks and filled the fresh water. Then we went to the Walmart for the night. 
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Sunday, July 28, 2013


Friday after disconnecting the electric,filling the water tank. Then raising the jacks up I had to put away all the blocks that I used to level the motorhome. Next it was hooking up the car,traveling 7 miles down the road to Cave Run Lake campground to the dump. It was around 3:00 by the time we really got started to Lexington. But we did make it safe withou anything breaking apart.
I went to the Walmart close to where Vicki lives and uhooked the car. Then we went over to Vicki's to see if the motorhome would fit,which it did. First though I double checked with the lady in charge to make sure it was alright to park there for a few days and she said sure,just park all the way in back.

Yesterday evening we went to House Restaurant which is owned by our nephew Shawn Mitchell and his wife Carolena.
 The reataurant is in downtown Lexington and is open in the evenings only.
The appetizer was great and spicy as was the main entree. All the food is of the Venezuelan flair good and spicy,not so hot but very good.
The kitchen is not behind closed doors,but out where you can see them preparing all the meals.
The reataurant seat 50-55 people.
This includes a table on the front porch.
And a few tables on the back patio which is landscaped with green plants and beautiful flowers. This would be a nice dining experience on a cool evening.
All that and with an inspection score of 100 is hard to beat. With a different dining experience you won't be dissapointed. If you are going to be in the Lexington area give it a try.

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Moving Day

Yesterday I checked the air in the tires of the motorhome and filled them to specs.  Then a few other things in preparation for todays move.  Jackie had hot dogs and fries,so that was good for me since that is one of my favorites. Nancy and I watched Mission Impossible III on the tv last night. It was a good action packed movie. We don't go to the movie theater very often.
Today we will be moving to Lexington to visit Vicki for a few days.  She talked to the lady in charge where she lives and got the ok to park our motorhome on the premises.  I will have to check it out to see if it will fit and if I can get the motorhome in the spot.
We have had a very good time here visiting with Jacke,Chris and Tyler.  We thank you so much Jackie.

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Usual Things

Well I'm still in the repair mode.  Monday I had to repair the grab bar on the side of the entrance door. The top screws had pulled loose and on taking it off I saw where water had gotten into the screws and they had rusted and pulled out. In the haste to get the motorhome out,there was no caulking or anything between the fitting and the side where it fastens. This seems to be par for the course of assembling all rv's. I put some plugs in the holes and with new screws I'm once again ready to go.
Yesterday was to the laundromat day again. We also had to go to Lowes to return a 30 amp breaker. It was a Murphy brand that was suppose to interchange with the General Electric. It didn't,it was to loose to make contact and that doesn't work very well. From there it was to Walmart for a few things. We also had dinner at the China Star Buffet. Then a stop in Advance Auto for a battery terminal to replace for the one that broke a couple of days ago on the starting battery of the motorhome.
All these years without problems and now that the motorhome is 11 years old things are begining to wear out and need repairing or replacing.
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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday time

Friday Nancy and I went to an rv store to get a tuble of caulking for the roof. I also got an interior light to put over the basin,because Nancy said the one that was there wasn't bright enough.
On the way we went over the Cave Run Lake Dam. In all these years we have come to this area this is the first trip over the dam. Here is the view from the bottom in the nice park they have.
Yesterday I went into Morehead for some pizza and ice cream for Chris's birthday.
Here is the birthday girl enjoying the ice cream and cake.
We had a good time with the get together.
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Friday, July 19, 2013

Good day

Wow the days sure get away that I don't put something on the blog.
Well now lets see,wednesday we went to Walmart for groceries and once again we met Jackie,Chris and tyler for dinner.
Yesterday was the thing that those of us that are rving don't look forward to but has to be done. That was empting the black tank. It is a little more work to do since the dump is 7 miles down the road at the Twin Knobs campground.
First I had to let the jacks up and take all the lumber and put it aside. Let the slides in unhook the electric,back  the motorhome off of the wood ramps,get it out of the way.
On the way back we did stop to enjoy the view of Cave Run Lake.
There were a few people enjoying a day on the lake.
After getting back it was getting the motorhome back up on the lumber.
Jackie had another delicious meal and the last piece of butterscotch pie YUM.
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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Good News

Yesterday we drove to Morehead to pick up the results of Nancy's blood work. We had a very good surprise to learn that the low number of 18 had moved up to 34. The kidney doctor had told her when the number goes down to 15 she would have to go on dialysis so we are very thankful for the good numbers.
Everything else is about the same,visiting and enjoying being with family.  Our daughter Vicki came from Lexington and spent the weekend with us. So we enjoyed the extra time with her.
We also did the laundry while we were in Morehead yesterday and had a small dinner at Wendys. Nancy also had a treat with a frosty .

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Morehead town today

Yesterday Nancy and I went to Morehead to see the doctor to get her blood drawn so they can check how her numbers are doing. She also got the doctor to write her a couple of prescriptions for pain medicine that she takes. The doctor in Florida wrote her the prescriptions with refills but we found out that they are not transferable from state to state. We will go to Morehead monday to pick up the results of the bloodwork.
We met Jackie,Chris and Tyler while we were in Morhead for lunch. We went to a Mexican Restaurant for a good meal which Jackie paid for. Thanks so much Jackie for everything.
We have such great family not only do they have a place for us to park but they buy and provide us with meals and we do  appreciate it so much.
Here is our parking place at Jackies. The place is not level,but with the wood ramps and blocks that I carry this is not a problem. Another one of the familys spot for me to park with 30 amp electric,water and great company.  Life is good.

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Thursday, July 11, 2013


We left Peach and Don's around 2:00pm. The reason we got a late start was Nancy took her time getting ready and also I took more time getting the motorhome and car ready to travel. The sun was baring down on me as I was hooking up the car and I had to take a couple of of breaks. I still was a sweaty mess by the time I finished. We got as far as the FlyingJ for our first stop to have the propane tank and the gas tank filled. With the FlyingJ Advantage card the gas was .02 off a gallon and the propane was a 05 a gallon discount.
We arrived at Jackies around 4:00 or so. Then it was setting the motorhome back up for another stay for however long we will be here.  Jackie had hot dogs for supper one of my favorites. Yesterday she had chicken and dumplin's,another of my many favorite foods. Can you see a pattern here for some weight gain for me?
Nancy still not feeling well and she will have to get some blood work to see how her numbers are doing.

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Monday, July 08, 2013

Bob Evans

The only thing that has been happening every day is that it has been raining.
Yesterday I went to church with Don. We were surprised when we arrived at the church in that it was over flowing with young people that were on a mission trip from Indiana and Michigan. They have been in Crum for a few days and were going to North Carolina from there.  Don had around 80 people to hear him preach and they enjoyed his always good preaching.
We got back home and all of us had a rest for a few hours then it was off to Walmart for a couple of things.  From there we went to Bob Evans for dinner. We had to wait 15 minutes before we could get a table as it seemed like a bunch of other people had the same idea to eat at Bob Evans.

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Friday, July 05, 2013

A Family 4th

I hope you had a happy and safe 4th of July. I imagine the 4th is when most of the hot dogs and burger are grilled.
Callie and Jim came up from Princeton and we all went to Friday's for a good dinner.
Here are from left to right are Don,Callie and Jim looking at their menu deciding what to order. Also Nancy,Jackie,Peach and myself were around the table. Most of us had the 6 oz sirloin which was a very good choice.
Here is the the dessert that everyone had and Nancy and I shared one as did the other couples.
After getting more than enought to eat Jim picked up the check. Thanks Jim for a great meal and the company for dinner.
Last night Nancy and I  had a good view looking out of the motorhome window at the fireworks show in Hurricane.

It was another of many good days with family.
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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Eating and Visiting

The last few days are visiting and eating more than we should.
Yesterday I drove down to Grayson,Kentucky to get Nancy's sister(Jackie) to come and visit with the two other sisters.  Jackie's daughter Chris brought her to Grayson from their house.  That way niether one of us had a very long drive.
We were going to have a home cooked meal,but Peach wasn't feeling well so we had the Little Caesar's Deep Dish Pizza which was very good. Once again the time visiting was good and getting better each time we visit.

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