Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We went shopping

Since tomorrow will be a week that we have been here I thought I had better show you the site we are parked on.  There are two rows of sites with electric and four rows with no electric we have electric but no water at the site.  With the senior pass the price is $10.00 a night.
Yesterday Nancy felt pretty 😊 good so we went to Roses and she did some shopping which included a folding cane to help her walk.  Of course I did a little shopping myself. 
I had gone earlier in the day and got a much needed haircut.
After a couple of hours in Roses we went to Cracker Barrel to have our supper.
Then we came home for the rest of the evening for relaxing and talking of the day we had.
There are a couple of small trailers here like the Scamp above.
I got to talking with the man and his wife. He told me he was a college professor in Lexington and he had in 2002 walked 2200 miles of the Appalachian Trail. Very nice gentleman and sorry I forgot his name.
Also the new tear drop which are nice for traveling and sightseeing.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Good food and a Movie

Yesterday was the day I call myself the water boy.  I was a day that I took the gallon jugs up to the fresh water and dump station to get them filled and then back to the motorhome to put five gallons of fresh water in the tank.
I also empty the grey water tank to put in the dump station. I take all this with the car and made a couple of trips.  The sites here only have the electric hookup and you either have to go to the main dump or one of the comfort houses that also have fresh water.
Nancy took the Barbequed Ribs out of the freezer and into the microwave. We bought the ribs about a week ago and almost forgot we had them.  She also put a pot of beans on to cook all the while I was cutting up cabbage to make cole slaw.  All that and a slice of onion sure made a good tasting dinner.
After dinner and both of us doing a few evening chores we settled in and watched a movie on Amazon Prime.
The choice was Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise. This was the first time I had seen any of the series of the movies and really enjoyed it. May have to watched some more of them.

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Sunday, August 28, 2016

Go back day

You got that right , yesterday was a go back day.  Like some of the things we bought Friday I took them back. Nancy stayed home because she was still tired from the day before.
Not to bad its only about 4 to 5 miles and the scenery with the mountains is nice.  The sign says Cumberland Gap Tennessee. The town is a nice quite small old town.
You have to approach the tunnel that goes through the mountain with caution because traffic will be backed up if the Hazmat pickup is escorting a large truck through that contains hazardous material. No other vehicles are allow until all is clear.
Approaching the tunnel looks like a big fish about to swallow you.
The tunnel takes a bit of time going through.
Then the fun of returning the stuff.
First was AutoZone to return one of the two switches I bought for the water pump.  I bought two different sizes and different lights so I could use the one that fit the best.
Then it was to Walmart to take back two of the items Nancy bought.  I also had to buy a new coffee maker as our older one went kaput. By the way the new one does make good tasting coffee.
Next stop was Kroger again to buy a few things that where on sale.
Then on the way back on looking at the mountains if you can see the second mountain back the small brown spot is a that you can walk out on and has a guard rail for looking out over the valley.
You can drive a car upon the mountain and a short walk out to the overlook.
Then back in Virginia where the campground is located.
Going into Middlesboro you leave Virginia go into Tennessee then enter Kentucky after passing through the tunnel.

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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Full Day

We had a full day yesterday. After our slow getting up having breakfast and doing our computer things it was time to get ready for the day.  The first thing was to go to the Laundromat to get the clothes washed.
Washing the clothes was not a problem it was when we loaded one of the dryers putting the money in and starting the dryer. The door would come open so with a little thinking I used a couple of the hangers to hold the door closed.  Folks there always a cure for the problem all you have to do is find the cure.  Sometimes its easy and sometimes its hard.
After doing the laundry it was a stop at the Walmart fuel station to fill up the car. I had a couple of left over Walmart gift cards so I used them to fill up and still had $1.08 left over. Not bad and glad to get rid of one of the cards.
Next stop was to get something to eat the choice was Pelancho's Mexican Restaurant.
Nancy had the Chicken Burrito with rice, refried beans and salad.
I had steak with cheese poured over top of it refried beans and rice that tasted so good. But was a little much for me that I had some left over to bring home.
Ok next stop was at the Save A Lot where Nancy said she wanted to get cabbage that was on sale for 39 cents a pound.
Next stop was to AutoZone for a switch to replace the one that went bad for the pump in the motorhome.
Then it was back to Walmart to get some groceries and Nancy had a few other things she needed.
After a couple of hours in Walmart it was for our last stop which was Kroger's for some ice cream that we like in the that is $1.00 a pint with the Kroger card.
Nancy likes the Orange Sherbet and I like the Jammed ice cream with the Butter Finger candy in it.
It was 7:30pm by the time we got back home unloaded the clean clothes, groceries and putting all of it away.  I tell you both of us were pretty well wore out.

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Friday, August 26, 2016

Cumberland Gap

First I have a couple of pics from the restaurant where we had dinner Sunday.  I had the pics coming to my drop box and they just came through yesterday.
This is about the Wood Booger and where the name of the restaurant came from. Click the
photo to enlarge it.
This is what Nancy had, a large chicken breast with two large portion sides.
This is my large portion of the Cajun Chicken and pastas.  That there is not a flat plate it is one of those deep dishes.
With that out of the way on to yesterday.  After getting ready, hooking the car to the motorhome pulling around to the dump station emptying the tanks we were on our way around 1:30.  On our way down the hill that is.  I took extra care coming down the hill on the narrow road which took another 40 minutes.
You can tell that you are in coal country when you see a covered belt line going across the road.
After passing a few barns and farmland we thought we had better get us a bite to eat.  So I pulled over at the next wide spot that I came to, Nancy fixed us a sandwich and some chips that tasted mighty good.  After that we were on down the road.
Passing a few more farms on the way.
We soon arrived at the Wilderness Road Campground in the Cumberland Gap National Park.
I had not made any reservations so this was a hit or miss but coming in on a Thursday I thought the changes were good.  I was really surprised when the host said they have a few open spots and that they have been pretty full all summer.  After checking out the sites tat were open I found a nice one that had an open to the skies for my satellite dish. So all is good here with some local tv stations and the satellite dish, also a fair, just a fair signal for the Verizon Hot Spot that we can get on the internet.

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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Last day here

I think I failed to post a few pics of the Bark Camp Campground area.  After getting off the narrow asphalt roads upon intering the campground the roads are graveled.
I did find an open site large enough for the motorhome.

I drove the 1/2 mile around so Nancy and I could see what the small lake looked like.  We walked a little bit and saw there was several people fishing.
This place is kinda hard getting to, but after being here for a few days it was nice.
Today will be our last day here and tomorrow we will move on down the road and hope we find a spot for our motorhome.  I don't like to make reservations because most of the time I may not go in the direction that I start out to go. Also there may be something we see on the way that we will want to stay a day or two.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Wood Booger

Sunday we went to Norton to eat out at a restaurant and do some grocery shopping.
We drove through town looking for a place to eat we saw a Mexican Restaurant but since we ate at a Mexican place only a couple of days ago we thought about eating something different. Then there was an Italian Place which we like Italian food but not at this time. Driving on down the street we saw a restaurant called "Woodbooger's Grill with a small crowd going in and coming out. I said that must be a good place to eat!  A restaurant that has people going in and coming out must be a fair price or good food or maybe both. We went in to eat and the place was nice and clean with people sitting around eating and look to be enjoying their food. Getting the menu and looking it over it was fair priced indeed. Nancy and the  Mesquite Grilled Chicken Fillet with baked beans and cole slaw.  I had the Cajun Chicken with Pasta. Both of us agreed the food was very good and we chose the right place to eat.
The restaurant was named after the legendary Norton, Virginia Wood Booger that is suppose to be in this part of the country. It is like the Sasquatch or Bigfoot that is often talked about else where.
After our dinner we went to Ingle's to buy our groceries and the we came home.
Yesterday was just doing a few chores around and in the motorhome but relaxing mostly.
A very nice day indeed and keeping an eye out for "The Wood Booger".
Norton, Virginia's famous Wood Booger. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bark Camp

Saturday getting up and ready we were ready to go to Princeton to visit Nancy's sister Callie.
I parked at the Kroger store unhitched the car so we could drive it to Callie's house where we picked her up and went out to eat.
We chose to eat a Mexican meal and the food was very good and thank you Callie for picking up the tab.
We were close to the Walmart so I asked Callie if she needed to get anything while we were there which she did.  After her and Nancy bought a few things it was back to Callie's house for a short visit that was about total 3 hours it was time to get back on the road.
Soon we were on Alt 58 route in Virginia where the roads are twisting and turning up and down hills.
There are also very wide sections between the hills for some level farm land.
Yeah a bunch of hills.
We got to Coeburn, Virginia and stopped at a Walmart for the night.
Yesterday after getting ready I filled up the motorhome with fuel at $1.84 using a Walmart gift card that included a .03 discount.
Just look at the size of that one. The scene changed from hills to mountains.
With it raining on and off all day I soon came to the place I wanted to stay for a few days.
Now let me tell you some of these places are out of the way in National Forest Campgrounds.
This one is the Bark Camp Recreation Area Campground in the Jefferson National forest.
After getting off the main road it was up, up way up and along the ridge of the mountain then down, down the mountain to the campground.
Added to the narrow road with all the rain it started getting foggy. But we did make it and got a site to park in and Nancy was glad to be off the narrow road.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Tamarack overnight

Sherry and Mark came out to Charles Fork Lake to see us off and Sherry helped me hook the car on back of the motorhome, it was near 1:30 by the time we were on the road.
Traveling the two lane roads we began seeing the barns again. I never get tired of looking at those old barns.
Every so often you see something a little different or maybe something you have not seen before.
Coming off the two lane road we were on route 19 going south crossing route 60 that you can take to a couple of state parks. We have been to both of the pictured parks and Babcock State Park with the grist mill that has the mill run by a large water wheel is the most photographed. I have seen a photo of the grit mill in different states we have visited.
The route takes you over the famous New River Gorge Bridge. We have been over, under and around this bridge.
Here we are going over the bridge that is usually 4 lanes but is only 2 lanes now due to Labor Day coming up. They will have hundreds of vendors on the bridge and also on each side because Labor Day will be jump day off the bridge.
Taking our time and stopping at Walmart we spent the night at the Tamarack in Beckley, West Virginia. Tamarack is upon the hill away from the Truck  Plaza with special parking for RV's that allow overnight parking.
There was five others besides us for the night.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016

That time again

We visited again with Mark and Sherry yesterday.
Mark went out and bought some things to fix sub sandwiches that were very good.
Nancy and I have did this many times we like to fix them exactly like we want them.  With the right amount of several different kinds of meat plus the extra's added on top of that.  Mark had also bought macaroni and potato salad that put the touch of taste that the sandwiches needed.
When it was time for Mark and Sherry to go to Wednesday evening bible study at the church Nancy and I said our good byes and came home. Nancy wasn't feeling well all day.
After five days here at Charles Lake Campground visiting with Mark and Sherry it is time to crank up the motorhome and move on down the road.
We have enjoyed our time here very much with Mark and Sherry and are so glad that they are happy with their new house and church. They also like the town of Spencer.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Good time

It was back over to see Mark and Sherry yesterday.
After visiting for a couple of hours it was time to eat because Mark had to go to a meeting at the church.
We went in separate cars because Mark was going to the church after we finish our meal.
We went to Gino's to have our dinner. Sherry, Nancy and I had the baked spaghetti  with cheese on top of it while Mark took the philly cheese steak and fries. We all agreed the food tasted very good.
After getting back to Sherry and Mark's house we watched a little tv with Sherry.
Also enjoyed watching Sir Winston(their dog)which was upset and barking at the neighbor's dog which had come into their yard.
Our time is up here at Charles Fork Lake with Mark and Sherry we will be leaving tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Monday, August 15, 2016


Nancy and I were tired from the trip Saturday so we just rested most of Sunday Morning.
Sherry and Mark came over in the afternoon and took us out for dinner then we went home with them to visit until it was time for church evening service.
We got to meet with a few of their new friends and Mark had a good message for all.

We came out of the church to see this beautiful double rainbow.
After a short visit with Mark and Sherry we came home for some relaxing and rest.
An old log cabin and water pump at the campground.  I have seen a few of these in my life time but now they are rare. All I can say when you pump these things and draw the well water up it is the coolest and best tasting water you can drink.

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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Charles Lake

Well folks yesterday we left Iron Ridge Campground and drove through the country side of Ohio.
Some of the many farms and barns we saw in Ohio.
Got to get those barn photo's in as we travel.
Crossing the Mighty Ohio River going into West Virginia.
After crossing the river we were In Point Pleasant and going through this under pass. This is one of the reasons I like the two lane roads more than the interstate see nothing high ways.
Mark and Sherry meet us when we got to Spencer at the Country Table Restaurant and bought us dinner. Thank you Mark and Sherry very much.
We then drove to Charles Lake to the campground with five electric sites they have and settle in with the motorhome.

Friday, August 12, 2016

Iron Ridge Campground

Wednesday after getting ready and getting on the road it looked as though it would rain because it stayed cloudy all day long.
We drove along and after an hour and a half we were crossing the mighty Ohio river into Ohio.
Taking route 52 south for several mile my GPS had me to turn off for the campground we planned on staying for a couple or so days.
Well as goes some times with following the directions of the GPS it lead me down the wrong road.
This has happened before for me traveling on the Blue Ridge Parkway some months back.
Anyway after taking the car loose from the motorhome and turning the motorhome around in someone's driveway(there's never a place large enough to turn with the car on the motorhome) I connected the car and finally got on the right road.
I did manage to find a campground in the Wayne National Forest. You will notice I said a campground and not the campground I thought I was going to.
There are three different campground here at the Vesuvius Lake.
We are in the Iron Ridge Campground  where the cell phone and the two WIFI hotspots are hit and miss or next to non existent.
I tried putting some photos on but with the signal here they would never load up so I will do that when we get to another place.  Just lucky to be able to post in the blog.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Sun and Thunderstorms

Yesterday we pulled out of the Kentucky Horse Park Campground around 11:30 am after emptying the tanks and filling up with fresh water.
By that time it had started raining.
I had cleaned the windshield and the tires while Nancy was getting ready.
Our first sop was at the Walgreens to pick up our prescribed medicine that I had refilled online.
After leaving Walgreens I drove just across the street to Krogers to fill up with fuel at a price of 1.86 9/10 with the Kroger card.  It took 62 gallons which was pretty good considering I had driven 440 miles since last fill up.
While we were at the  Krogers we had lunch before getting on the road.  So we pulled out after our lunch at 2:pm I told you we like to take our time and being fulltimers we don't have to be in a hurry since we are always home.

Just taking it easy and enjoying the scenery.

Can you tell I like old barns.
We got to Maysville still in Kentucky at the Walmart where we needed to do some shopping and while we were doing the shopping we had supper at the Subway with a chicken and bacon ranch sub that we split. 
We had a nice sunny day after leaving the Kroger Store but by the time we did our shopping in Walmart and putting the groceries away there came a big thunderstorm so we just spent the night here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.