Friday, March 30, 2018

Fresh oil and sore thumb

With the new carburetor taking its time getting in at the parts store I decided I would do what I could to speed up the work once I have it.
So I had to go and get a new oil filter and while I was out I would get some more things we needed.

My first stop was to the roadside market to pick some apples, lettuce, cabbage and tomatoes which are more fresh and better price than what the super markets sell.
From there it was to Dollar Tree for chicken broth, and quarts of milk that you don't have to put in the refrigerator until after it is opened and has a shelf life of a year.

I then stopped at a couple of auto parts places before I found the oil filter for the generator.

After getting home putting away the groceries it was time for supper then after letting my supper digest it was time for the generator.
That's when a little trouble started.  I drained the oil next was to take the filter off which is usually no problem.  I put the cheap oil filter wrench on the filter and it just turned around on the filter.
Then  I took my channel lock pliers and still the filter would not move.
I finally had to get a punch and hammer that with hitting my thumb a couple of times it came loose.
Now with the fresh oil and filter I'm ready when the new carburetor gets here.

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Thursday, March 29, 2018

Tell me it isn't so.

Well after what I thought was to be my last session of therapy Tuesday came to a halt when the Therapist said I had four more sessions.  One thing I know is this will not be going past the end of April because that's when we are leaving for the summer.

I decided I would get serious about repairing the on board Onan Generator. Upon talking with a couple of Mobile RV Service people they thought the trouble was the carburetor. I thought it might be the same thing but with the carburetor costing me $337.00 I was wanting the opinion of someone that has worked on these more than I have.  But I still will not be sure that it will work.
I had a local parts place order me one from the Onan Cummins Parts place in Tampa Monday with the guy telling me it should me in two-three days.  I thought it would be in yesterday but no it was not. So this morning the place that I had to order the carburetor from said he called Onan and they had lost the order.  So it has been reordered, I know it was ordered Monday because I heard the guy put the order in while I was there.
I'm sure maybe you have run into this a time or two yourself.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Grilled Ribeye Steak, yum

Another weekend of basketball and half of the eight teams are gone so it is not much longer that the college basketball games will be over "what will I do, what will I do".

That's not all that will be over.   This is the last scheduled day for my therapy on the shoulder. 
It has not been that bad just a little time taken out of each day.  At times it felt like I had a job once again.  Since retirement, then with the work that Nancy and I had at Dollywood in the summers for five years I don't take to schedules to good.

With the weather getting better I get out the grill and a couple of Ribeye Steaks out of the freezer.
It has been too long since I last grilled some meat. Nancy and I both like the taste of meat grilled on the outside with the grill.  It seems to taste better than being fried in a pan.

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Hanging in there.

It looks like this cold rainy days that we have had is going to be over according to the weather reporters.  The next weeks forecast is for being sunny and the temperatures to be in the 80's.

The NCAA Basketball Games have not been kind to me as two of the teams that made it to the Sweet Sixteen have lost out. But I will still watch the games because it will soon be over.

Talk about being over I have only one more therapy session scheduled.  The past two sessions have been the hardest so far as they have been the strengthening exercises.

Nancy said she needed a haircut so Thursday it was off to Great Clips for her haircut.

After she got her haircut we went to Denny's to grab us a bite to eat before doing some shopping.

And shopping it was. Each time Nancy goes shopping with me she is like a kid in a Candy Store.
That lady can load a shopping cart down.  She has a few things that only Walmart sells so that's where we where.
The good thing is all three stops where in a stones throw from the other

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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Almost the same thing

Things are slowly wrapping up. The NCAA Basketball Tournament is down to 16 teams so it will not be games all week long like this past week.  The games start Thursday.

I did go to the store a couple of times to get a few things since we have a freezer full in the our Residential refrigerator that we bought after the Dometic Refrigerator quit working a was leaking.
So far so good with the new refrigerator and the real test will be when we get on the road the last of April.

The new Roku television that I bought after the Visio decided that if the refrigerator could go on the blink that it would also.  We have the new tv setting on the cabinet up front and the Visio still hanging.   With the tv going out after my rotor cuff operation on my left shoulder  using one hand and trying not to lift anything heavy.

So yesterday I was looking at the heavy Visio hanging there I thought that if I could lift it with the right hand and just steady it with the left.  The good thing that I did when putting up the heavy Visio was I put some 90 degree metal angles on the bottom to handle the weight of the tv as we are going down the road.  So I started taking the bolts out of the back while my left hand holding the tv.
In short the old tv is off the mount and in the dumpster.  I will hang the new tv before we leave for the summer.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

More Games,Appoinments and Grocery Shopping

Just as expected there are already some upsets in the March Madness Basketball Games.
I always like to see the underdog win a game.

With prices like these is the reason I like to go to the roadside market to get the fruit and vegetables that we need.  They have a lot of fresh items that are grown locally.

I had an appointment with the Orthopaedic Surgeon that he operated on to see how it was coming along.  And just as expected it is still weak.  I still have four more sessions of therapy to do.  He say the  ball of the joint has not settled in the socket and it will take time for it to do so.

Next up was Winn Dixie to get a few items such as some meats that they had for BOGO at good prices.

From there it was to Walgreens to pick up a couple of our prescriptions.

At times I like to take the back roads for a change of scenery.  I like these houses with the canal in there back yard.  They can get in their boat ad be out in the gulf within a short time.

With the large population the Florida has there is still a lot of undeveloped land to be had.

Well time to get ready for more of the NCAA Basketball Games today.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Big Dance

Yeah, that's what they call the NCAA Tournament.   So if you have been following my Blog you know I will be dancing for a few weeks and for sure I will not be by myself.  I will be joined by millions of more people watching and hoping their teams are going to win the games.

I went to Rural King yesterday to buy a few things.  They have the large bags of potato chips for $1.99 and these have become my favorite.  I used to get the lightly salted  Lays Brand Potato Chips for the price of $4.29.
The price caught my eye but looking at the amount of sodium the Rural King Classic had less sodium.  The chip have a good taste and are more crispy.  That is me and your taste may be different.

I was looking for some more things but could not find them as I have bought another 100w solar panel.   I'm going to use this one to connect and use it on the ground for when we are parked in the shade with the motorhome.  I will likely put it on the roof when my shoulder heals enough for me to be able to climb on the roof.  This will add up to give me a total of 425 watts of solar.
With me being at the age of 80 in the next month will no doubt be enough solar to do me.

I will be going to the Dermatologist today to have the stitches taken out of my check.

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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Appointments and Basketball

I will not bother you with the appointment part today, you've heard enough about them.

Nancy and I have not been active enough this season and we know it but we still have not change a thing.  Of course we have been using the cool weather as one excuse and that's a pretty good one when you have  arthritis.
Hopefully we will get out when the weather warms up a bit.

But not until my Basketball Tournaments are over.  Boy, do I love college basketball and March is my time of year to watch the Competition of the teams.
I have been parked in front of the televison since Thursday and today will be no different.

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Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Therapy continues

Gee whiz is there no end to our appointments?

I had to do therapy Friday.
Then comes Monday Nancy had an appointment with the Cardiologist to get the report on the Echo-Gram on her heart.  Its seem she has a leaking valve of the heart, that was news to us because she has been checked through the years and nothing has ever been found.  The Cardiologist told her it wasn't anything to worry about.  He did change some of her prescriptions so hopefully she will feel better.

Yesterday morning early I went to the Dermatologist because the biopsy they took a month ago came back positive.  So He had to cut on my cheek to have checked to see if it would get the cancer out.  They had the traveling van at his office yesterday with all the laboratory equipment to check it.
So after the cutting he stitched it up then I went back to the waiting room to wait on the result.
After waiting around 45 minutes they call me in and said the doctor would have to cut out some more because he didn't cut enough to get to the end of the roots.  So a little more cutting, a little more stitching and then waiting.  After waiting again they called me back and said that they got it all out and everything showed clean.

After getting back home eating my late breakfast then in a couple of hours it was time for another therapy session.  I thought I would have one more session after this one but oh no, I have five more.

So between Nancy and myself we have a total of 13 appointments for this month and we hope there will not be any more added on to that. 

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Friday, March 02, 2018

Appointments and a little walk

Sorry folks just the same things going on with us as we are sitting in one place for the winter.

Tuesday I had another therapy appointment and did she put me through it.  This time The shoulder is still kind of sore this morning.  I guess each session will be different from now on since I only have three more to attend as of now.

Nancy also had an evening appointment Tuesday to have an ultra-sound so that tied that day up.

Wednesday Nancy had to go in and get measured up for support hose that the doctor recommended which he said would be better than the ones she had bought at Walgreens.
It was an 8:30 am appointment so afterwards we went to Sunny Side Up for breakfast.  This is a small restaurant in a small strip mall where the locals go and our first time there.  Their special for the breakfast was $4.75 for 2 eggs, 2 sausage patties, potatoes and toast.  The breakfast tasted good and also gave Nancy a little break.

I guess having breakfast agreed with Nancy because after we had eaten we went to the mall to do a little walking which was tiresome for Nancy, but she said it felt good to get out and walk some.

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