Friday, February 10, 2017

No Snow Here.

We had a cool down from yesterday morning, in fact it is 46* this morning that is 20* cooler than yesterday.  So no snow here but plenty cold for us.

It seems that no matter the temperature the wind just keeps blowing all the time.
The other night when I let in the patio awning I folded up our chairs and put them under the motorhome but I left the two small rugs out.  So in the morning when I went outside I came up with just one rug the other one was no where in site.

The Fantastic Fan I install last year has really be nice and we have been using in every day.  Even when the temperature gets up close to 80* we can turn on the fan open a window and get a cool breeze flowing through. 
It is 12 volt so we appreciate it more when we are parked in a place when we do not have electric.

I think I'm finally beginning to feel better than I have in a week.  But now Nancy is coming down with what ever I had.  That was kind of expected though.  When you live in such a small space you can bet that the germs get passed around from one person to the other it has happened before and sure to happen again.

I think I may  got down to the USA Flea Market today to see if they have anything I can't do without.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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