Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Douglas Dam

After emptying the tanks at the dump station yesterday and getting back in the motorhome I felt a couple of eyes looking at me so I looked in the bushes ahead of me and saw this dear just staring at us.
A barn and silo as we were getting on I-81 for the short trip.
Ah it will not be long now before we get off the interstate highway.
Time to pull off route 66 for the few miles to the TVA Douglas Lake Headwaters Campground.
Still yet another barn along the way.
I pulled into the campground checking out the sites to see what was open and along came a Nick and Debbie in a golf cart. They are one of three camp host couples here.  Talking with them I find they are a very nice couple of people and host.  I asked them if site 12 was open and they  said it was so that was good and that was one of the sites I wanted since we stayed there last year. I knew I could fit the motorhome in it without any problem and had a clear sky for the satellite dish that is on top of our motorhome.
After getting everything set up on the site and paid for a couple of days we went to look for a restaurant to eat. We chose Steak and Shake for the day. I had the Jamaican Jerk with a load of fries.
Nancy had chicken with onion rings since the starch in the potatoes is not the best thing for her kidneys.
After our meal we went to the post office to mail a letter.  Then to Kroger for a few things.
Getting back home we did a little computer time and watched some television.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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