Friday, July 12, 2019

Those darn steps

In trying to adjust the electric steps yesterday I could not get them to working just right.
So it must be something else, but what I thought?  The only thing left to do was to tear into the motor and gear assembly.
Upon doing so I found that was the problem.  First I took the motor end loose to check the long armature with the worm gear, that looed good.
"Warning"  when you do this the brushes riding on the commutator will jump off and is a booger to put back in.
Next was the gear box, I thought I might see a small brass gear but no.  It is made of some kind of plastic that was in pieces and there was my problem.

So I will order a new step  motor  to be waiting for me at the next stop along our journey.

Maybe I should gut the whole motor home and rebuild it.

On second thought I've did that on a few houses and it was no fun.   To be continued:

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

I thought that you just replaced that step drive. Either they are made too cheaply or something is binding the step. Maybe they need a good lubricating.
Be Safe and Enjoy solving your problem.

It's about time.

our awesome travels said...

Hmm good luck with that step they can be frustrating.,!