Saturday, August 29, 2015

Brake problem

Thursday I was under the motorhome to grease the front brake slider pins and after doing that I went to the back to check the brakes and wheels that's when I found the problem.
I had been hearing what sounded like the disc brake making noise but I thought it was the front brakes but it was actually coming from the back. Not only are the disc brakes warn out the brake rotor will have to be replaced. I went to a truck repair shop that can start on it Monday I told him that would work for us since we would be at the campground until Monday. I don't know how long it will take but I think they will have to order the rotor so we hope they will be finished in a couple of days. This is the first real problem we have had with the motorhome in the 15 years of being on the road.
Yesterday I grilled a couple of the pork loin slices we have and they turned out to be delicious. We also went to the Laundromat to do the laundry.

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