Saturday, August 01, 2020

Short range plans

Florida is getting ready for the Hurricane that is to hit between now and tomorrow.
Of course here on the west coast we should be ok with maybe some rain and I don't think very much wind.

As yesterdays evening progressed.
There were clouds moving in, not rain clouds, but nice white clouds.

Then this morning clear blue skies.

Tomorrow evening I will slowly be getting ready to move the motor home out.
But not to hit the road but to take the motor home down to the tire shop to get the four new tires put on the rear.
They didn't have the brand I wanted but they did give me a discount on a better tire which is the Iron Man tire.
This is a good brand that I had put on the front a few years back and have had good results with.
So now all six will be the same.

                       Now for the short range plans that can change if need be.

Our daughter Sherry is coming down from West Virginia a week from Monday and we will be picking her up at the St Petersburg Airport at 5:30 pm.
Then Tuesday, the next day will be leaving out to finally head north for our summer vacation.
This will be the three and a half months longer staying here then anytime before.  With doing so it looks like we will have to cut our times shorter visiting all of the family.
But whatever time with them we will cherish each moment.

Thanks for stopping by and do have a great day.


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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Before we hit the road again we'll need to replace the Dually Tires as well.
You will definitely be getting a later start this year.
Looking forward to your adventures.
Be Safe watching out for the Hurricanes and Enjoy.

It's about time.