Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Walking and laundry.

Yesterday morning was like all mornings.  You know people get into a routine,  especially if you are retired.
Nancy and I have for years now have had our first half cup of coffee while sitting up in bed watching the morning news.
Then I usually get out of bed, get on the computer to check the emails and catch up on some blogs.
After a short time Nancy is up and get our breakfast.

Well in the last couple of weeks that has changed some what.  We still do the morning coffee, but I'm up and get ready for my 2 mile walk up and down the sidewalk.
After getting back home I do the computer thing, then its breakfast time.

My walking time takes me by the entrance to the Suncoast west beach Hudson, Florida.
Of course it is closed up like many other places.

I did get the time to slice the boneless ham that we had for Easter.

This picture was supposed to be in the Easter dinner blog.  But for some reason I couldn't get it to working that day.

I did some of the laundry yesterday and while looking out on the swimming pool.
The pool is locked up due to the pandemic, but we sure could use it now with the temperature being up to 90 the last few days.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad you are keeping active. Too bad Nancy won't join you.
You might try going back to the Easter Post and Update it. The picture might go in the second time around. It looks like you had a feast.
Too many things are closed down that should not be but we are not in control.
Be Safe and Enjoy keeping healthy.

It's about time.