Thursday, April 23, 2020

A puzzling photo

As I walk along each day I see different things that people have discarded.
I do not know why people always litter our highways and can't wait until they get back home or stop at a gas station and throw it in the waste can.

Now here is a bucket, why litter the highway with this because a bucket can have many uses.

But the next photo really puzzles me.

Yeah, that three baggies of puzzle pieces on the sidewalk.  They may have fallen of a bike, I don't know they were all close together.

I stretched my walking out a little more by walking down to Frank's Restaurant.  Frank's was in a smaller building straight across the road from the park we are in.  But has move 1/4 mile south to this much larger one.
This is a good place to eat and I know he would like to be over the virus thing, because he is always full of customer's.  "Hang in there Frank".

I took the photo off the television.  We got interested in watching two Bald Eagles raise two eaglets from the time they came out of the egg.
They are two months old now and they really put on a show flapping their wings and dancing around.
I don't know how they got the live cam up in that tree but it is live 24/7.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Lots of people transport things in the back of pickups uncovered. Then the wind blows it out. For those that deliberately litter the should be ticketed like used to happen.
Be Safe and Enjoy your walking exercise.

It's about time.