Thursday, November 30, 2017

Using the Residentia Refrigerator

Yesterday I went to the stores yes stores, five stores to be exact.  I wanted to get the sales of what the different stores had and since we have the new residential refrigerator I was wanted to load it up.
It sure does seen a lot larger and it goes way back in depth.

So last night I wanted to see how it would work using the 2000W pure sine wave inverter measuring it with the Kill A Watt connected.
I was really surprised me this morning when checking the power consumption.
In 7 and a half hours it used  .12 kwh which was hardly any drainage on the batteries.

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Unknown said...

My experience indicates you should expect about a kWh per day for most energy star basic refrigerators (big or small). Defrost and ice and such features can wreak havoc on energy use so be careful when those are in play.

With the Kill-a-watt on an inverter, you need to be careful about 'sleep mode' or just what the inverter does when there is no load. Many inverters will shut down to a load detect mode to save energy and this might reset the Kill-a-watt.

anytime you check the kWh reading, also check the time the meter records so you can tell the actual tenure of the reading.

Best results for anticipating battery use would be to use the meter when on grid power for at least a week.