Monday, April 03, 2017

Reading Glasses

Another night of having the overhead window open because the temperature was in the low 70's through out the night.
Today will be another hot day with 90* forecast with lots of sunshine.

The weekend was the NCAA Basketball Tournament consisting of two games and as usual there was tears on one side for those that lost and joy on the winning teams Tonight will finish up the games for another college basketball season.

Nancy's eyes are still bothering her some and she is having a hard time without glasses so yesterday we went to Walmart to get her a pair of reading glasses.  These will at least help her as far as reading and being able to see things on the computer.

She will be going back to the East Coast Eye Institute tomorrow to check her eyes again.  We are hoping for the best but at the same time we know we might have to wait longer until she can have her glasses made at this time. It may be another week or two before her eyes are well enough to be examined for her new glasses.

With the weather going to be hot today it looks like inside work with the airconditioner to keep us cool.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.