Monday, April 10, 2017

A little busy

Yes I was  little busy over the week end.

First thing was Friday after breakfast I was on the computer reading the morning blogs as I always do.  Then I look at the Craigslist to see if they have anything at a bargain that I need or can use.
There were a few items in the rv and camping section but nothing I could use. I have been wanting to get another Jacknife sofa, the green one we have had for sometime doesn't exactly match but at the time we really needed one so we got that one.  
I did notice that one person had several items for sale but not a sofa.  Nancy suggested that I should call them and see if they might have one or know where one was.  So I called the nd asked the guy on the phone if he had the type of sofa that we needed and he said he would have one in a couple of days that he had a bus he is converting to a motorhome with the sofa in it he is pulling out to put in a home type sofa. I asked if it was a Jackknife sofa he said it was a pull out sofa that did take up that much room when in the bed position.  He said I could come and look at it so off I go to see it.
I got over to the place and went in the bus to look at the sofa, well what do you know it looked good and it was a Jacknife sofa I got my tape measure to check the length and it was the right length.
I told him I would take it he said he would bring it over Sunday.

Saturday morning Nancy fixed my good breakfast eggs, country ham with some onions, peppers, toast and coffee.
After breakfast I went out to let the awning back out since the wind had died down enough.
Next in order was to take out the Green sofa to make preparation for the new to us sofa that was coming Sunday. 
So now instead of the light Green Olive color sofa.
We have the better matching Blue sofa.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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