Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Long time

Yes its been too long since I've posted.
We were at the Big south Fork Recreation Area in the Blue Heron campground. The Straight Talk Hot Spot that I have for internet could not pick up a signal so I couldn't do any posting.
I did have a nice site where I could get a satellite signal so not all was lost and at $8.50 a night with electric and water it was a pretty good deal.
The area has some rock arches. Here is a small one.
A large one with steps underneath it. We were on a cliff on top off the arch.
One day we made a day trip down to Rugby, Tennessee to see this small British Village that was established I the late 1800's.
The houses are build in the time period. A very peaceful little community.
The small church.
Young people taking a Sunday ride out in the country.
Wild turkeys in the campground area.
Something you would not want to see before going out on a trail in the woods.
We arrived at Cumberland Gap yesterday and will  be here for a few weeks before moving. All is good here with phone, satellite internet and local tv channels.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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