Monday, August 03, 2015

Good weekend

Saturday it was back to visit with Vicki and Rebekah. Vicki had a spaghetti dinner with some more of the good tasting salad. After eating we sat around talking for a while then Vicki said she want to take us out and show us some things.
She took us to an old distillery that they have been trying to revitalize with different things inside of it.
One such place was the Crank and Boom ice cream shop who are making their own ice cream. Looks like someone has found where they had left some bourbon behind. First time I have seen Burbon and Honey ice cream.
They even had the old light bulbs.
One building where they made the wooden barrels to let the Burbon age in.
We had a good time looking at the old things. Vicki even drove around Lexington showing us the old houses.

Sunday it was Vicki fixing some delicious bar b que ribs with five side to go with it. She had a house full with Rachel  Corey and Kathryn. Plus Jarod his wife Chelsea and Haven, Toby the two boys. We watched the little one play and laughed at them having a ball.
Very nice time with Vicki. Thank you Vicki we enjoyed visting with you so much.
Thank you for stopping by and have a great day.  


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