Wednesday, December 08, 2021

More of seeing Doctor.

 Yeah. where have I been?  
Nowhere I guess I've just kind of lazy.

I'm having more than usual doctor's appointments being started with my Cardiologist to get the old heart checked out good, which I have not since my second heart attacked in 2015.

I went this morning early to have a heart monitor put on and I will go early in the morning to return it for the Doctor to see if all is ok or not. 

I went to LabCorp Monday to have blood drawn, which can tell many things going on in the body.


In the mean time Nancy has been cooking real good meal for me.
Like the one above with, pinto beans, baked potato, slaw, boneless center cut pork chops and corn bread.

Also its that time of year when football is winding down with the bowl games coming up.

Basketball games getting started good at two to three games a week much to my liking.

So retirement can be as busy as you want it to be or not.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 



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