Thursday, November 18, 2021

More Doctor Visits

 Hang on I'm still here, yeah I know I'm slow about posting 
But with trying to straighten up the motor home and the house plus Nancy and ny docror appointment does take time.

Speaking of appointments, for a chance I've got close to the number that Nancy has.
Somewhere around the middle of August and the first of September I had an episode that I was a little concerned about but waited until we get back to see my cardiologist.
Well he has lined me out on different days, first is December 8th for a Holter Monitor, next is December 13th for a Chemical and Treadmill Stress, December 15th Echocardiogram, January 6th Carotid Ultrasound.

Somewhere in there I've got to have blood drawn before I go back to see him on January 26th.

Plus Nancy has me on a tight schedule of house cleaning and going to the store.
                                                         JUST JOKING NANCY

I went to T-Mobile yesterday to get the $50.00 internet unlimited plan for the house because the one I have is suppose to shut down sometime in early 2022.
I got it up and running and more than happy with it.  That thing is fast.

I'm glad that its that time of the year again "College Basketball". 

That is about all happening here on the front.

I do thank you for stopping by and wish you a great day.


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