Saturday, June 06, 2015

Warner Robins, Georgia

Thursday Sherry went back to the doctor to get the report of the things she had at the hospital the day before. As it turns out the doctor said it looks as though she had a kidney stone that after a week of pain she finally passed it. So yesterday all was clear to leave Valdosta and be on our journey.
I drove up I-75 so it would be a shorter trip to Warner Robins to visit a few days with my brother Nick.  On the way the molding on the drivers side window came loose and was flapping so I has to stop and for a quick fix got the old stand by duck tape to hold it. After getting to Nick's and setting up the motorhome I check the window and the molding. The rubber molding is dry and not flexible so new molding will have to be installed. Nick and I went to a auto window place and got some rubber molding that will be installed after putting some silicone on the window and letting it dry.
With a motorhome thirteen years old something every now and then needs repaired or replaced.

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