Saturday, November 01, 2014

Thursday and Friday

Nancy and I went to the First Quality Sausage House Thursday to buy me some Hungarian things to eat. I like to buy it and as I told Nancy when I eat it, it brings back a lot of memories.
On our way there we stopped in at the John Chesnut Park to look around a bit.
What surprised us was the amount of deer in the park. We counted 20 deer as we drove thru the park.
The deer were not frightened at our presence.
We saw an alligator as we were walking on the elevated walkway. When the gator spotted us it started swimming toward us.

On Friday we went to the Rheumatologist That our doctor had set up an appointment for us with.
First he checked Nancy and told her that her back was a mess, which she already knew. He did prescribe her some pain pill and told her it wouldn't affect her kidneys. So we will wait and see.
He then checked the x-rays and MRI on the shoulder that I have been having the pain. Well I have bone spurs, stretched ligaments and a tear on the rotor cuff. He was surprised that it only hurt on occasions and not all the time. He said he could operate and fix it but he doesn't recommend it at this time.

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