Monday, September 29, 2014

Through Helen, Georgia

Yesterday we left Thunder Rock Campground heading farther south.
Saturday though we took one last ride around a country road to see what we could see. It always does amaze what beautiful scenes await us in between the mountains.
We saw several wild turkey. Here was one bunch of them.
I really enjoyed my time at Thunder Rock.  The weekend crowd did come in to go kayaking and do the white water rafting.
I drove through Helen, Georgia again since it has been a couple of years.
I thought the town would be crowded since they were having the Oktoberfest until the end of October.  Maybe it being a Sunday was the reason.
The streets were not crowded but I could see inside the pubs they were having a pint or two.
We got as far as Commerce and spent the night at the Walmart.  Today we will go down to Sinclair Lake and stay a week.  We enjoy the lake very much and the campground is never really crowded.
The only thing is we will not have phone or wifi service in the campground.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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