Saturday, September 13, 2014

Some good,some not so good

The other night when I  was getting ready for bed I noticed red flashing lights on the window so I looked out the door and saw a couple of vehicles with the lights up around the bath house but couldn't tell what they were.  The next morning when I took  the garbage up to the dumpster I could see what was the trouble the night before. Someone must have thrown a cigarette in or maybe set it on fire purposely. The plastic doors and top were burned off.
Every once in a while we have to defrost the fridge because the fins frost up. A trick I learned to do was get a box fan to put in front of the open door and it doesn't take long to defrost. The good thing is you don't need to turn off the fridge to do the defrosting and thus the freezer still keeps things nice and solid.
Yesterday we went to pick up the rest of Nancy's medications at the Walgreens pharmacy. We are sure glad we changed from Walmart to Walgreen. We had a problem with a couple of her meds when we were using Walmart. They told us they couldn't transfer them from one state to another even though it was from another Walmart. Using Walgreen we have not had such a problem with getting them.
Have you ever been really caught up in what you were doing?  No I mean really caught up!  It happened to me yesterday evening. After going to the dump to empty the tanks I was setting up the awning and for some reason I had my fingers in the wrong place, the awning arming arm caught my fingers of the left hand like a mouse in a trap. I was lucky that my neighbor across the road was out. I yelled to him to hurry over that I had my fingers caught. He run over and took the awning rod and pulled the awning ot enough to free me up. Boy did that hurt.

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Some people just don't think how much danger they put themselves and others in when playing with fire.
I use Kathy's hair dryer to clean the cooling fins but the falling ice plugs the drain hole on the back of the tray sometimes causing a minor flood.
Hate hearing of anyone including myself getting pinched like that. It surely makes you think twice before doing it again. Hope it wasn't too bad and you're a fast healer.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.