Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Moving on

Peach had a good report from her doctor and he told her she could do her therapy at home.
She was feeling better so we went to the Logans Roadhouse Restaurant for our dinner. Peach, Don and Nancy had the chicken dinner and I had the beef tips with onions. Everyone enjoyed the dinner and also the two for on $14.99 price.

It was time for a haircut so I went to the town of Hurricane to this shop.  It being the only guys barbershop it was crowded and I had almost an hour wait before it was my turn,
Don also worked on his riding lawnmower. I more or less watched him.
Peach had a very good dinner today or should I say we had a feast. She had roast with all the vegetables, pot of pinto beans with onions, slaw and corn bread. Man that was some good eating.
Today is the sad part of visiting as it is time to move on down the road. But we know will  be seeing Peach and Don at the Family Reunion in a month.
Good news we will be seeing Jackie, Chris and Tyler. We will be in the state of Kentucky, just out side of Morehead.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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