Monday, December 02, 2019

Sitting still for the winter

After Nancy and I were ready Saturday I went out to disconnect all of our full hookup attachments we were ready to roll on down the road.  I hooked up the car Friday evening so that was a little time saver.

Saturday was a beautiful day for traveling with the sun shinning and the temps just right for the day.
Only one thing is from the time we got on I-75 the traffic was more than I like, but that is the fast road.
You always have the ones that still want to be ahead of everyone else.  They go from lane to lane weaving in and out of all the three lanes on the interstate.
Nancy and I had to laugh when we saw two cars with their Christmas trees on top of the cars passed us at least three times.

After an hour on the road I told Nancy with all the traffic I was amazed that we haven't seen any accidents.  Well that came about twenty minutes later.

The first one was where one car ran into the back of another, and I mean they both were lik a couple of  accordions.

In the second accident was two cars with one on them setting on its top.
The traffic was bumper to bumper with stop and go for at least ten miles and maybe more.

It was 3:30 when we at to Bushnell, Florida and with the crowded interstate, I thought it a good idea to just call it a day by spending the night at the Walmart.

We had a good nights sleep with some more of the overnighters.

After getting ready we were on our way again, but not as much traffic yesterday.

It was a short time on the road and soon we were pulling into our campground for the winter.
After getting everything set up on our site we were ready to relax from the travel times on the road.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

People driving cars tend to think RVers can stop on a dime by pulling in front of you and hitting the Brakes.
Glad you made it Safely to your Site so you can now Enjoy the Winter.

It's about time.