Thursday, December 06, 2018

Bloodwork report

The doctor showed Nancy her results of the bloodwork up and she was surprised that her numbers were better than she expected.  So we were happy about that.

As far as mine went the numbers had gone up a little since the last time I had blood work done.
Not very much but enough that I do want them down in the normal range they should be.
Most of them can be corrected by changing my eating pattern.

Yesterday I filled up the tank on the car the first time since it was filled up in Georgia.
I filled up at the Shell Station where I used my "Rewards Card"  with the price being 187.9.
That was a 25 cent discount from the price of 212.9, it sure did fell good to pay less than $2.00 and more a gallon.

From there it was to Walgreen to pick up our meds I thought, but they didn't have all of them ready.
So I went to Winn√Dixie to do some things we needed while they finished up the prescriptions.

After getting back home and having a light lunch Nancy started washing our laundry in our small washer/spin dryer.  After she had a good load washed and spin dried I took it down to the laundromat here at the park to dry completely. The small washer takes two loads washing before it is one dryer load.

By sunset yesterday it looked like it was going to be a cold night and it was.
This morning it was 36˚ I know that's not cold, but hey folks this is Florida.  You know the sunshine state.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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