Friday, May 18, 2018

Up the road

This day was a fairly good day, I finished the polishing up of "Little Red" our car while Nancy and Sherry got ready. 
We haven't eat out in a while and so it was decided that it had better be today.  We drove to Milledgeville to have supper at Judy's Country Kitchen.  This is our go to place when we are staying at the Lake Sinclair Campground.  It is more or less the place the where local's eat and is a small buffet that is good home cooking.   The price of the buffet has not change in six or more years and at $6.00 for seniors is a deal and a half.

This was a moving on up the road day for us, so on to Petersburg Campground we headed.
This is a COE campground and is usually all filled up but we have managed to get a site without  reservations each time.  I was really surprised when the host said that they have plenty of sites open.
He gave me a list of the sites that would be opened for at least the next week, so Sherry and I unhooked the car to go look the sites over.

Site #59 looked good and Nancy saying she needed at least a week to rest up this will be her rest area for a week.

A good view looking out as you open the door.

This campground is on Thurmond Lake and very popular with fishermen.

We had a beautiful sunset for our evening enjoyment.

Sherry was taking many photos and enjoying the site by the lake.

Of course what would a day be of moving without something else to be repaired.
Somewhere along the journey the back up camera wet out, nothing but a black.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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our awesome travels said...

Looks like beautiful waterfront site , I know you will enjoy it there. Good luck with the back up camera.