Monday, May 21, 2018

A tour of Lincolnton

Yesterday was a nice sunny day, a change from the rain we have been having.  So I suggested that we go and check out the Bussey Campground. 

So as usual on two lane roads to find the primitive campground you see these old broken down barns.

Houses with boarded windows, that I can't understand why people just leave them.

You mean I can't just keep on driving!

We checked out a couple of campgrounds to see what they looked like.

We went to see the town of Lincolnton the county seat of Lincoln county.
There we had a good Mexican meal at Habaneros Mexican Grill.

We like to drive in and out the streets of the old towns looking at the old beautiful houses and so after our meal we drove around Lincolnton.
Thinking this was the county seat it must have a court house, we looked for it.

When we saw the old court house we were in awe at the beauty of the building.  So many towns have demolished the old court houses and built new ones.  It is so sad to see the beautiful buildings being replaced by the new "cold" buildings that are without the charm of the old ones.

 Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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our awesome travels said...

A nice area to explore and like you love the OLD court houses at least they have character .