Monday, April 16, 2018

To much rain and wind

Saturday,  it was rain and wind from 1:00 pm on through the night.  The wind gust of 60 mph that the weather forecaster said we were going to get didn't happen and we were glad of that.  The wind stayed in the range of 20-25 mph. 
I was glad that I had gotten out early in the morning and rolled the patio awning up because there was a little wind at that time and I didn't want to get caught with a strong wind trying to handle a patio awning.

Sunday, it was rain and wind off and on through out the day so it was another stay inside day.
We spent the day on the computers and watching television.

Last night the wind gust picked up enough strength to rock the motorhome all night long.  It didn't bother Nancy and myself but for our daughter Sherry it was a different situation.
She didn't sleep very well because since she lives in a stationary house she is not used to a house rocking in the wind.

I today scheduled to put the 100w solar panel on the roof but with the wind going to last all day long I had to scrub that. 
I didn't want to be on top of the motorhome trying to handle the solar panel while it would be acting like a sail in the wind.   I'm sure I can find something else to do.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. 

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