Thursday, April 26, 2018

The Adventure Starts

Nancy did have her day out with Sherry and I think Nancy enjoyed it.  She enjoyed it so much that she came home with several new outfits.  That is something that Nancy usually does not do.  I tell her to buy her something new and she says, "I will later".
After Nancy and Sherry got back home we went to Franks to have our supper.

They had a two guys playing music and singing while we were eating and they sounded very good.

Sherry enjoying her meal and music.

Today after we get ready we will first make a stop at Homosassa to have the generat installed in the motorhome then we will continue north.
I called yesterday to ask about the generator and the price of repairing it.  It is ready and he said it was running.  I asked the price and I was shocked at what he said.  I mean like surprised shock!
The price he quoted me of all he did was half the price I was expecting.
I know when I asked what he charged an hour was 1/3 less then other place was good.  But like I said he really went over the generator very well and added new parts.
So if you are in the Homosassa, Florida area and need help with anything concerning your rig be sure to get in touch with Ron at Riley Auto/Electric.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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our awesome travels said...

Nice that your got your generator and repaired and for a reasonable price as well.
Safe travels when you hit the road.