Sunday, April 08, 2018

Daughter arrived and storm

Friday was going to be a busy day for me with having a therapy session then later picking Sherry up at the airport.
But about a half an hour before I was to leave for the therapy session the phone rang.
It was my therapist calling to say that for some reason the they had over booked that day and my session had to be canceled.  So this coming Tuesday will be my last and that will finish up my therapy.   That didn't bother me at all and kind of relived me to know my day would be a little easier.

We left the house early to pick up Sherry because I wanted to stop at the First Quality Sausage House in Safety Harbor which is on the way to the airport.  This is a small deli but they are large enough in that they can ship meats all over the states.  They have sausage so good that it takes me back in time when I was a young kid that I would watch as the family would kill and butcher the hogs,  Then make the different type of sausages and meat cuts.

Then Nancy and I went to the Country Skillet Restaurant to have our supper.
After taking our time eating we arrived at the airport one half an hour before Sherry's plane was due to land.
As we sat there waiting for Sherry, a plane to arrived from Dayton, Ohio with the passenger's walking passed us with coats and jackets on and I with a short sleeve shirt  and short pants had to just smile thinking how we were blessed to be able to spend our winters in warmer weather.
Sherry was glad to see us as we were glad to see her and after a go around of hugs she picked up her luggage and off we went head home.

Yesterday I managed to put up the new tv with the help of Sherry so that little project is out of the way.  The new LED tv is the same screen size as the old flat screen but it looks so much smaller and it is a bunch of pounds lighter.

With the forecast of the on coming of T-Storms and wind I let up the patio awning and its a good thing because late afternoon we got just what they forecasted.  It scared Sherry because she isn't used to a house rocking a little in a storm.  Nancy and I assured her everything would be alright, which that was the way it turned out.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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