Thursday, December 07, 2017

National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

                                      National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day

I was watching one of the networks on television this morning for about an hour and could not believe that there was no mention of  Pearl Harbor Day.

Have we come  so far that we want to forget this day like we have so many days and things in our country of the USA.  If we have shame on us.
Too many lives were lost at this time in our history to forget about it.

We must remember so this will not happen again.  God Bless America
Yesterday I was on the roof of the motorhome putting on a new refrigerator vent base and cover.
I had not noticed somewhere along the line this summer I had knocked it off.
I think maybe it was going through one of the towns along the way where the utility poles lean out from the sidewalk and into the road way.

After that was finished it was off to get us a "Hot and Ready " pizza from Little Caesar's.
Of course a stop at Save A Lot and Dollar Tree for a few items.

With the larger New Residential Refrigerator we can buy more meats and frozen items.

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