Saturday, July 29, 2017


Wednesday was a busy day because we had to go to Morehead to do some shopping.
We asked Jackie if she needed to do any shopping, which she did so after we were ready off we went.

Our first stop was to Walmart for some things that we needed and Nancy needed some of her things from the cosmetic section so she went in to find them.
I can't seem to find the things that Nancy has to have from Walmart for some reason.  It might be that if she would remember the right name on what she wanted it would help me a lot.

After all three of us got what we wanted at the Walmart it was time to eat so we went to Fazoli's to eat. We all had the baked spaghetti with cheese on the top.  That with all the hot bread you can eat was very filling and I think all three of us ate way to much bread.

After eat Jackie and me went to Kroger to buy some extra groceries that we needed while Nancy sat in the car.  She was very tired from walking around in Walmart and it doesn't take much walking for her to get tired.

After getting back home and putting away everything all three of us were too tired to do any visiting.

Thursday and Friday was doing the normal things taking out garbage, vacuuming and cleaning inside.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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