Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What a day

The last few days has not been the best for me.  I woke up yesterday and after a few hours I had some pain which I supposed was gas pain that moved al around my body.  At times it was completely gone so I can handle that.

Back to the Direct TV Receiver I  bought a two receiver deal off Ebay of two receivers and yesterday they came in.  You know when you by off Ebay at times it is a crap shoot. 
I unwrapped the receivers and was surprised when they looked like new.  
So I connected all the wiring put the receiver in place turned it on and sparks flew then a puff of smoke.  I didn't get excited only a little disappointed, at least the gas pain wasn't bothering me at the time and I did have the other receiver.
So connecting the other receiver up turning it on yes it was working fine instructions on the television screen.  I went though all the "click for English" to the end up to the signal strength 98% all was good.  Clearing the menu and seeing looking at the screen seeing looking for satellite all excited but then, but then, it never did find the satellite even though it says I have 98% signal.

I then called Direct TV of course I get a recording telling me to listen carefully as the menu has changed.  press one through five for the reason I'm calling which was none of the five things.
So here I am talking to a recording and I'm calling the recording dumb.
Yeah you're laughing like you haven't done that before.
Ok some how I do get a real person and the only thing I can understand is hello my name is Allejandro.  I'm thinking, oh no I've talked with him before but he had another name before.

So I hang up and call again and was so glad I finally got a guy called "Scott" who could really talk to me without going through his list of things to try. 
After Scott realized I had a RCA receiver and Direct TV doesn't have technical suppose for those receiver any more but he would try a few things to do to help me.
After trying all the things he mentions and they did not worked he suggested getting a receiver from
Direct TV.  They had the by a new receiver for  $149.95 or leasing a used one for the price of $21.00
with no monthly payments.  The only thing was that I'm to return the receiver if I cancel my contract with Direct TV.  That was a no brainer for me and the receiver will be here in a couple of days.
                                              What a Day!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.


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Rick and Kathy Rousseau said...

Glad you got the Receiver issue worked out and will soon be watching all the games you want.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It's about time.