Friday, May 06, 2016

Wishing Well Campground

Yesterday's project with the Fantastic Fan vent cover wasn't as I thought it would be.  Thought I would be on top of the motorhome longer but it only took about an 1/2 hour to be finished with it.
So now we can leave the vent open without the fear of rain coming in.
But not last night or even today. It got cool and the temp was 48 this morning and going to be maybe 58 today so no vent fan at this time.
I just happened to think I've told you where we were but didn't show you around the Wishing Well Campground. This is the sign looking on it from highway 904. The campground is 5 miles from the beach.
It does actually have a wishing well. I looked in the well the other day to see how deep the water in the well is.  But all I saw was cement with some coins were people have made a wish. So it is not a real well.  I will have to check and see if it was ever a real well.
Here is our site a little under the trees but not so much that I can still get my satellite dish working.
Here is the shower house.
Power pedestals for the tent campers. The lawn is nice and always cut and trimmed up.
Several picnic tables spread out under the trees.
Here is the dirt road on the backside. With the trees and camp sites this campground is more like a forest campground but is still close to the beach. It is a Pass Port Campground so the price is right also if you are a member.

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