Thursday, March 03, 2016

Still warm and sunny

Nancy wants the motorhome to have a fresh look.  After deciding of some of the things we want to change it was to the Amazon website I went.  We have six windows on the motorhome that I measured and ordered window blinds for. They are suppose to be here today. The pull down window shades that came with the motorhome was ok but they have been up way to long and we thought the blinds would give us more of a house look. Some of the camping units have the 1" blinds and they look nice with the curtains.  I will be taking the boxes off that surrounds the shades and throwing them in the dumpster. So now for the next few days or weeks I know what I will be doing.
The weather is still warm and sunny so my solar panels are really clicking away putting the amps in the batteries which in turn are supplying the dc power to the inverter. In turn the power cord plugged into the inverter is supplying the whole house with ac power.  Some time later it looks like another house battery is in our future to hold more of the electric the panels are putting out.  I tell Nancy that without enough batteries to hold all the power that the solar panels supply its like seeing money rolling off the top of the motorhome.

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Sherry Wood said...

Cool! I want to see pictures after you are done!!