Thursday, March 24, 2016

Harbor Freight and such

Well the cool weather has finally left us. After waking up the last few mornings with the temperatures being in the low 40's it was 55 this morning.
Yesterday was another early day running around to different stores.  First it was to Harbor Freight where I was long overdue for my Harbor Freight fix. I had a 20% off coupon plus a coupon for an item that was free with any purchase.  I have enough digital volt meters to do me for a long time. I figger its better getting free meters than buying batteries for them.
Then it was to Walmart, "its always a stop at the Walmart" for a couple of different kinds of crackers and a half gallon of 2%  milk. Then it was Home Depot to get a 30 amp plug. From there it was a stop into the Aldi store for a bag of salad that was 80 cents cheaper than Walmart. Hey no problem it was on the way home so it wasn't going out off the way to do it.
After getting back home I labeled the breakers correctly so now maybe this will help a bit. Even though you throw the breaker off still check to see if you have power on what you are working on.
After supper I spent some time on the computer checking on maps and things for when we start back on the road the first of April.

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