Monday, March 21, 2016

Good food and basketball

Yesterday after breakfast I got ready to go out to do a few things before the NCAA Tournament was to start.  The first thing was to take the trash to the dumpster on the way out of the park.
My first stop was at Walmart to buy some mini colored sweet peppers that Nancy just loves and can't eat enough of.  She likes to add the peppers and sweet onions to everything she cooks or fries.
Then it was a stop at the USPS Store to return the OBD 2 scanner to Amazon. I ordered one that had a Bluetooth connection instead of the WIFI connection. Since my tablet doesn't have Bluetooth I have to have the WIFI connection on the scanner.
Next up was a stop into Walgreens for three bags of cashew nuts that were on sale this week for $1.99 with the Walgreen card. I like to use the Walgreen card because it adds up reward points that turns into cash points you can use on your purchases. 
From Walgreens it was a stop at the Save A Lot store for a couple cases of drinking water and canned vegetables.
Then it was time to return back home where I settled in for a day of basketball games. Of course I took tome to eat a plate of fried chicken, seasoned baked potatoes and steamed vegetables which were a little better than some of the games I was watching.

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