Tuesday, March 08, 2016

A little repair

Yesterday morning after breakfast then getting ready I was of to RV World of Hudson. After thinking about the leak at the water heater I thought that RV World would have the right PEX fitting. So off I went to check with them and sure enough they had just what I needed.
 From there I stopped at the Save A Lot store to buy us two cases of 16 oz. bottled water. We have been drinking the bottled water for a long time because of the many places we have traveled some of the city water doesn't look nor taste just right.  The water might not kill us but after running the water in a glass and looking at it we would rather drink the bottled water.
After leaving Save A Lot I went on to Home Depot to return the parts I had bought the day before.
When I got back home I proceeded to take care of the water heater leak.  It didn't take long to change out the fitting and tighten it up.  The hardest part of that repair was lying on the floor to do it.  Well not to hard laying on the floor but getting back up if you know what I mean.
Nancy has an appointment with the spine doctor today which we hope will be the last one for this trip in Florida.
From there we have no plans as most of the time we just let things happen.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day.

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