Friday, July 25, 2014

Driving miss Jackie

Jackie decided it was time for her to leave yesterday.
She looks happy to be heading home. Don was taking her to meet Chris in Grayson which is about halfway there. This way it cut down on the driving for both Don and Chris.
It wasn't the best of conditions weather wise to be on the road as it was pouring the rain.
But by the time we got to Grayson at the Loves station the weather had cleared up.  The price of regular gas and Diesel.
Some of the scenery along the way. I just love the old barns along the roads that we travel.
Don waited until he got back to Huntington approximately 30 miles east of Grayson on I-64 to fill up with gas. Which was thirty cents a gallon cheaper.
When we got back Nancy was visiting with Peach and we stay a little while longer. Then we came over to the motorhome to have supper while Peach and Don did the same. After eating we went back over to more visiting for an hour or so then back to the motorhome home for the day. It is so nice to be living so close, if only for a couple of weeks. Kind of like old times when we all  lived in the same town close together.

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