Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Three in One

Wow and gee whiz,three different parks in one day.
 First we went to Eagle Point Park which is located at the end of Trouble Creek Road next to the gulf waters. This is one of the newer parks in Pasco County.
 There are a few plants along the way and it looks as though they have more coming up that were recently planted.
 As far as wildlife all we saw were birds and ducks. That was enough to keep us entertained for a while. They ducks were chasing small fish and it was amazing how fast a duck can swim with its head under water. 
 There was also this fella in a kayak.
 Then the short drive to Key Vista Park. This is another one of my many favorite parks,because it is beside the gulf.
 After a short walk through the woods you come to the gulf waters and a beautiful scene is before your eyes.
 We walked over to see if the boardwalk was repaired. The last time we were here there had been a fire in the park and the boardwalk was closed off. We were in luck it had been repair and also extended. We got on it and walked and walked. Extended it they did.
 All the way to the Anclote Gulf Park. Man that was a long walk.
 Another very nice park with a long fishing pier. There were a lots of people fishing.
This pelican was waiting for someone to catch a fish and maybe give him a handout.
This was a day that we walked maybe more than we should have but we made it.  A very nice day indeed. 
I hope you have a great and wonderful day.

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