Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Five Guys Burger's

Yesterday after I had my CT scan we went to BJ's wholesale to look around. I'm not a member,but we got a one day pass so we used it to see what they have. It is just like the Sam's Club although they do have a few different things. It is around 25 miles to get to BJ's so we wouldn't go enough to pay for a membership.

 I got a surpise the other day!  I was out back where my flower boxes are and saw this flower popping up. How could that be when I tooki all the flowers out and threw them away in June of last year. There must have been seeds that dropped out and sat dormant until now. How did they make it through the summer?  I did pour some water on the box a couple of weeks ago,so thats what must have brought them alive.
I've been wanting to try out the Five Guys burger place for some time so on the way back home we stopped in and got us a cheeseburger and fries. When we were ordering the young lady told us one order of regular fries would be enough for both of us. She sure was right. We couldn't eat all of them. The most in a regular order I have ever seen. The burger was very good and juicy.
We had a very good day and it sure felt good being out and about.

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